Top 100 Best Casino Apps

Jackpot City

Jackpot City

Mobile Format, Full Casino Features

Based on the full online casino site of the same name, the Jackpot City app has been converted to a mobile format that works for both iPhone and iPad devices. This app features a comprehensive selection of free casino classic games online, as well as real money bets for the same titles with various stake options. The casino fully supports the player with professional customer service and data protection through advanced security features. Additionally, players can take advantage of frequent promotions and bonuses that are offered for prospective and current members alike.

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More about Jackpot City

The Jackpot City apps free casino games online start with a varied selection of slot games. These titles range from classic style slots with 3 reels and 1 payline to more advanced video slots that can contain as many as 243 paylines in a 5-reel format. Each slot game is designed by a top software developer in the gaming industry and features high-quality graphics and sounds. Various special symbols and bonus features within the slots add value to each spin and increase chances for larger payouts by multiplying normal wins.

Other games such as roulette and blackjack can be played through the Jackpot City app. The table games are offered in different styles to suit the needs of different players, with multiple options for betting that fit multiple budgets. In addition, these same games can be played with the live dealer format, which is a hybrid of online gaming and the atmosphere of a real casino that features an actual dealer controlling the action and other players sitting at the same table to authenticate every user’s experience.

Jackpot City offers many different deposit and withdrawal options for players using real money to game at the casino. These payments are protected by encryption software and can be made with credit card providers and online tellers, among other methods. The casino offers live chat support to instantly address player issues and offers helplines for those who are at risk of developing a gambling problem. Additionally, the casino has a VIP program for the most loyal players that opens the door to exclusive discounts, a personal account manager, and faster processing of payments.

William Hill

William Hill Casino App

Win real money in a live casino online today

Do you love to play roulette? Are you familiar with the Apple iOS store? Finally, do you like making money? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you are most definitely on the right page.

William Hill has taken part in the revolution for online gaming. You no longer need to play table games online by staring at a digital screen and relying on the hidden calculations as to whether or not you might win or lose for each spin, hand or roll (depending on which game you choose to play). William Hill brings forward to the iOS App store an application that allows you to play roulette with real, live dealers. Yes, you get to play for real money online by watching a trained dealer spin a roulette ball on a casino grade roulette wheel.

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More About William Hill Casino App

The app is impressive on many levels. Not only can you bet on roulette, but you also have the option to play other popular casino games such as blackjack and various other table games. However, the most impressive feature about the application is that it’s user interface is extremely simple to get the hang of even for newbies. This is the perfect app for recreational gamblers who enjoy playing for fun, and for the serious minded who are ready to stack up some real cash.

Smartphone users who join William Hill and download their app will often be presented with free bonus codes to use to claim free money by either signing up or depositing. The bonuses and bonus amounts will vary depending on what sort of promotion they might be running, but chances are you’ll be able to take advantage of some type of bonus by signing up today.

Another solid feature for users besides the bonuses, available games, live dealers, and convenience of playing anywhere you can take your phone, is the amazing video quality you receive from William Hill through the application. The clarity of video coverage is spectacular and definitely provides you with the feel of sitting on an actual table in the casino.

Big Fish Bingo App

Big Fish Bingo

If you’re looking for the next popular game in iTunes, Big Fish Bingo is definitely one of the casino apps you need to check out! Big Fish Bingo at this point in time is not even a year old and already has a massive amount of downloads with nearly 18,000 player reviews. This app is fun, thrilling and challenging all at the same time.

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More about Big Fish Bingo

The very first thing a player should notice before triumphing through each level, is that players have the option to create and design their own avatar. After launching the application and getting ready to choose a room, you’ll notice at the bottom of your screen that you have your very own character. At this menu you can change the appearance of your avatar to your own liking. On this same menu you can view other great features as well such as: Stats, awards, and even an inbox that allows players to receive updates regarding the game and messages from other players around the world.

Once a player has created their own avatar they are pretty much all set to begin playing. At this point you’ll see a total of seven rooms that you can play in – although some may be locked until a higher level is reached. You will also notice that each card costs more to play in each individual room. If you’re just starting out then you might want to start with the “Blue Room”. Once you’ve selected a room all you need to do is select how many cards you would like to play with. Each card costs only 2 coins to play. For instance, two cards cost four coins and three cards cost six coins, etc. Once you’ve selected how many cards you would like play at a time you can click the green bar up top that says “Ready?”.

Players can unlock awesome in-game features and work on building flawless personal stats. Based on player reviews and number of downloads you can be certain that Big Fish Bingo will be one of the most exciting apps you’ve played.

Bingo Crack

Bingo Crack

Are you looking to play bingo from the convenience of your smartphone? Then you need to go to the iOS app store and download Bingo Crack. This is a unique, yet exciting bingo application that players can enjoy anytime they get the urge to play a classic game of bingo with a modern twist. Bingo fanatics or even first time bingo players will surely enjoy this game; the proof is in the pudding – just look at the ratings and number of downloads.

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Bingo Crack

When launched, players will initially be presented with a main menu with two options to either sign in with your Facebook or an email address. New players that do not wish to use Facebook as a means of signing in can choose to sign in using an email address and create an account that way. So besides the convenient ways to sign up to Bingo Crack, and the elegant music that plays in the background automatically, players will be able to begin playing almost immediately.

If you’re new to the game bingo, or if this your first time playing on this app, you’ll especially love the automatic and free tutorial you are presented with as soon as you sign-up. Before you can even begin playing, a tutorial will walk you through about 3-4 steps explaining how to start a game and identify what each symbol means to players. Once you’ve read through the quick 30 second tutorial you’re well on your way to diving into some classic bingo action!

You can choose which type of bingo you want to play on this particular bingo application as well. You can play a classic version of bingo or play bingo on a 3×7 card. You can also choose to play with one or two cards; two cards will increase your chances of winning. Another awesome feature you’ll notice is a small trophy symbol on the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking on this icon will enable players to see winners in previous games. Get in the action now! You can’t miss out on all the action at Bingo Crack – look for the owl!

Roulette Multiplayer

Roulette Multiplayer

Roulette is a game of chance that pits players against a roulette wheel composed of numbered chambers. Players get to pick which number the ball will land on and then win big prizes when they pick correctly. This action translates nicely in a multiplayer roulette player challenge that lets friends create their own roulette tables and play for hours of fun.

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More about Roulette Multiplayer

Mobile gaming has become the norm these days, as players prefer the quick fun afforded to them by iTunes games player across mobile devices. You can play multiplayer Roulette anywhere in the world as long as you have a device that connects to the Internet. Players add their friends and the fun begins there. The game has robust multiplayer features that multiplies the already tried-and-true fun format of Roulette.

Highlights and challenges

Achievement system: Don’t just play a game or two. Try to grab all of the games plentiful achievements and gain bragging rights over friends.

Table creation: The fun is entirely in your hands. The game’s pre-set tables are fun enough but try your hand at creating your own exclusive tables and add a touch of personality to every match between you and your friends.

Solo matches: Not everyone wants to play multiplayer games. That’s fine. The creators leave you the option of playing Roulette by yourself. This comes in handy because sometimes friends just don’t feel like having a match.

Variety is the spice of life: Variety is also the spice of Roulette. You can place up to 20 different variations of bets on this game, making it one of the most flexible Roulette games around.

Free chips: You have the option of getting ahead by spending more money but like all good multiplayer games, the freemium content here is really free. You can get ahead just by winning free chips and using them later to their full advantage. This means you never have to spend money if you’re not in a hurry to get ahead in this game. But when you do get into premium content, you can really unlock the secrets of this remarkable iTunes game.


Roulette by Contradictory

Roulette has remained a popular game for well over a century thanks to the relatively simply rules and engaging play. With the arrival of iOS apps that feature roulette play, it is safe to say the popularity of the game is on the ascent. More and more people are going to download and play roulette for fun and enjoyment thanks to an outstanding Apple iOS app capable of delivering a brilliant playing experience.

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More about the Live Roulette App

The colors on the table are so vivid everything looks like real live roulette. The red, green, and black colors really shine in a sharp manner. None of these images are stiff or static either.

The graphics and animation that displays from the screen provides a truly realistic game playing session. The sounds also draw players right into the virtual casino and amazingly suspend disbelief. Again, this app really does provide a “you are there” sort of experience.

The rules of the game are standard ones. After placing a bet, all the player has to do is spin the wheel. Where it lands determines the outcome. All the bets found on a traditional roulette table are found on this iOS app. In addition to better on one or more numbers, players can bet on the color red, black, or green zeroes. The option to bet odd or even numbers or sequence blocks of numbers is available. Yes, all those common roulette bets are right there on the sharp resolution screen.

The actual play of the game is smooth as the software is expertly designed. Do not look for unacceptable lags in play or unwanted freezes. While such things may happen due to a number of reasons, poor quality design or defects in the software are not the cause.

The roulette game is a real winner and one perfect for a lot of fun (virtual) gambling enjoyment. Overall, this is a solid gaming app players wishing to have a little fun with should check out.

Bingo Blingo

Bingo Blingo

Bingo Blingo provides infinite entertainment for one of the world’s most classic games. Bingo is back and better than ever before with this iTunes spin on the classic Bingo formula. Viewed as Bingo for a world on the go, Bingo Blingo let’s you download the game and sync it across every mobile device you have, ensuring you’ll always be able to gain access to this Facebook hit.

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More About Bingo Blingo

The heart of the Bingo Blingo app is the way it uses social networking to increase the stakes. You’ll play alongside your friends and rake in big bonuses together during your time on these Bingo boards. Daily competitions and challenges make for more fun from the classic Bingo formula. It’s a unique combination of the best of old Bingo and the best of new Bingo, with plenty of classic fun and modern twists alike.

Multiplayer Bingo: You don’t just play dozens of different Bingo variations. You play them with friends. This makes the game mean more than if you were playing with a stranger.

Real Prizes: Rewards are the name of the game in Bingo Blingo. You can grab rewards every time you play. For example, you might get something like free virtual drinks which can be funny and fun if you’re playing with a group of buddies from around your neighborhood.

New designs: Animated technology takes classic Bingo to whole new levels with dazzling backgrounds and different variations in game mechanics.

Facebook fun: Facebook was where Bingo Blingo first made its debut and it continues to work best when you hook up with Facebook friends to make every Bingo match a true tournament and competition.

Bingo Blingo is one of the world’s most popular play apps in the iTunes gaming section and continues to give new life to this old game. Listen to each new call and find out if you’re one step away from matching up your line or diagonal on the board and never miss a hit. Now you can join in anywhere and best of all you can share it with friends.

Bingo Pop

Bingo Pop

Bingo Pop is a game created and published by Uken Games that is available for smartphones that have the Apple iOS. It is one of the more popular smartphone apps. It has a Classic Mode where the game plays almost exactly like a regular game of bingo so it is easy for new players to learn. All the same rules apply including how a player is able to win. Forming five connecting numbers in either a straight line, a diagonal or along the four corners will win the game. Classic Mode can also be used to play in real time with friends or family members who have been added to a users friend’s list. When playing in a group there are rewards for obtaining third, second and first place. Of course, the rewards are bigger and better the higher the player ranks.

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More About The Bingo Pop App

If users would rather play single player there is an option as well. Bingo Pop has twelve unique stages that offer different themes from around the world including the Monte Carlo and the beaches of the Havana Cabana. These different themes can be selected from the menu and apply to the bingo board. This form of game play also has power-ups that increase the chances of winning, even an Instant Bingo power-up can be activated. Users can also play a bonus slot game at the end of each bingo round to help earn extra rewards. Postcards can also be collected by the player to earn rewards. Other than Classic Mode and themed single player there is Treasure Temple and Puzzle Arcade.

Bingo Pop is a fairly recent game but has been updated frequently, with the last update on 12/5/2015, and is currently sporting a winter theme. Being such a simple game there have been only a few reported bugs. Like other smartphone apps it is free to play but has an in-game store that players can use to buy rewards that are normally won by winning games. It has had over ten thousand downloads from the Apple App Store and has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Slot Galaxy

Slot Galaxy

Slot Galaxy is one of the premier betting apps based on slot machines that has been optimized for various iOS devices. This app offers a varied selection of slot titles that feature various themes with professionally designed graphics and audio. The game is free for download and there are in-app purchases available for players who want extra perks while using the games. Regular promotions and bonuses also occur while using the app, so the player will have an opportunity to earn extra credits. Through social media, players can also compete against each other’s scores and share different perks.

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More About Slot Galaxy

Slot Galaxy features games that were exclusively designed for the app. This allows each game to be customized for a touchscreen device, and therefore offers smooth functionality and controls that have the mobile format as a primary focus. The slots themselves are featured with high-definition visuals and quality sound effects that are very similar to physical slot machines that a player could find at the typical Las Vegas casino. The main format of each slot title on the Slot Galaxy app is a modern 5-reel design that also comes with multiple paylines. Slots in the app contain as many as 50 paylines and feature special symbols like wilds and scatters. Each slot also features special bonuses like free spins and rollings reels that further enhance the possibility for a large payout on each play.

Every four hours, the apps offers free coins that are given away to players to extend gameplay and allow for larger bets on each spin. The player can also purchase extra coins within the game at various amounts. Prices for coins are more economical when purchasing larger amounts at once. More coins can also be earned by using the app in sync with Facebook and challenging friends to come play. The social media aspect used in Slot Galaxy is unique compared to other betting apps in that it allows players to compare scores with each other on a globe-spanning leaderboard. Friends on Facebook can also exchange various perks with each other through special messages, allowing for more free coins.

Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

If you’re the type of person who enjoys playing online gambling games then it might be safe to assume that you’ve found the right place to read about one of the best poker games available in your app store. Zynga Poker has been on the top of the list for several years in reference to free poker apps, and for a very good reason too. This particular app has been downloaded and installed well over a million times by people from all over the world.

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More About Zynga Poker

So you might be asking yourself what makes this game so spectacular. Well, you should know that almost every member of Facebook and Myspace has probably heard of this game, and nearly 25% of members on these social media sites have played the poker game at least once. That’s a pretty hefty number when you take into consideration that there are over one billion active people on Facebook each and every day.

One of the greatest features of this poker app is that you are playing with other people from around the world who are members of the same social media site you are on. You’ll be asked to sign-in on the app by using your log-in details from either Facebook or Myspace; you can even play using both if you wanted to.

There are several attractive features in Zynga poker that you might find appealing. You’ll notice on the main menu that you have the option to purchase chips if you run out. You also have daily bonuses, tournaments that are readily available to you, and even a buddies list where you can add friends. The buddies list works almost the same way it does when you add new friends on social media. If you enjoy playing with someone at your table then add them to your list so you can play again later. You can also tell your friends and family to download the app so you can all play together.

What differentiates this app from other online gambling games is the connection it has with social media. This makes it so much more enjoyable because you’re almost playing with new people every time you log into the app.



It’s starting to become more and more difficult to find a decent casino application that we can enjoy playing. In recent years online gambling has grown by over 2,000% which means there are literally a ton of applications to choose from to play online slots. However, Slotomania just might be what you’re looking for!

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More About Slotomania

Slotomania is a fantastic application with all the latest and greatest casino gambling games available to be played from the convenience of your very own handheld device. As long as you have an internet connection to download the application you’ll be playing in a matter of seconds. As soon as you launch the mobile application you’ll be prompted with the option to connect to the app using your Facebook details. This is a neat way to show friends what you’re up to and invite them to join you in the virtual casino. Although players are not required to connect their Facebook account, it is encouraged so that you can earn daily rewards every time you connect. If you don’t want to connect through Facebook all you have to do is click the option right beneath it that says “Later”.

Once you’ve chose which way to connect to the game you will be presented with a well designed image rewarding you with a welcome bonus of 10,000 credits. At this point you can choose from over 80 different slot games – albeit some of them require you to unlock them by either purchasing them or by reaching a specific level. This is actually a brilliant way to develop the game; because it gives players goals to achieve which always makes it more exciting.

The very first slot selection you have is Farm Fortune, which is an absolute craze! The bonus features reward very well and are a thrill to achieve. Also, before you take your first spin in any slot game you’ll be presented with an opportunity to play a live slot tournament to help you win extra credits to play with. Slotomania casino Las Vegas is definitely a casino game you don’t want to miss out on.

GSN Casino

GSN Grand Casino

Every online casino needs to have two things. It needs to be populated by a host of popular gambling games online and it needs to be a good host to those games. The layout of the online casino is just as important as the layout of an offline casino. Mobile casinos are taking on a life of their own and one of the standouts in the crowd is the GSN Grand Casino, a mobile casino that downloads right to your phone and lets you take the gambling action on the go. It mirrors the Vegas bright lights and excitement so many people have come to know and love.

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More about GSN Grand Casino

Selection is everything: The number of well-known and beloved games in the casino is staggering. You’ve got games like Deal or No Deal, Video Bingo, and the original Wheel of Fortune Slots heading a line-up of other stellar casino games. With a line-up like this, it’s worth at least trying this casino. Many people are saying it’s among their favorite or only places to put down real cash for prizes.

Download bonuses: Downloading the game instantly puts you in touch with the world’s greatest online casino games. If that’s not enough incentives, the creators give you 10,000 free chips to play with instantly. iTunes users often find this is enough incentive alone to make this a new home away from home.

Free free free: Internet casinos love to reward their loyal gamers with free things and GSN Grand does it right. They have daily rewards just for logging on and giving their games a spin or two or three.

Graphics: The graphics on the GSN Grand are made to mimic luxury casinos. That means you get the full treatment and users often brag about the eye candy in these games. They’re simply made beautifully.

Big winners: They have a high rollers section just like in offline casinos, so if you’re a big time online gamer, you’ll love what GSN has in store for you.

The GSN Grand Casino is among the most beloved of all mobile gaming casinos. You can download today to see why.

DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino is a colossal and vibrant online casino that is now available in mobile versions from iTunes. The mobile version packs all of the excitement of the well-established online counterpart, giving you instant gaming satisfaction at the click of a button, no matter where you are in the world. Just log in and take advantage of big time Vegas fun at DoubleDown. It’s the big-time Vegas feel that is so loved by gamers worldwide.

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More about DoubleDown Casino

What’s to love?

It’s free to play: DoubleDown is the largest free to play casino in the world. Not only have they created a casino that simulates offline gaming action, but they’ve done so while providing every player the opportunity to play the games for free.

Free chips: This generous mobile casino shells out a cool million free chips to every player who downloads. Throw in millions in daily bonuses and you’ve got a good reason to keep playing every day.

80 games: The selection of casino games is a jackpot, too. Favorites like Wheel of Fortune, DaVinci Diamonds, and Double Diamond are waiting among dozens of other classic and new casino games. Gambling online games don’t come more packed with true legendary games like this.

Easy interface: The app makes it easy to locate your favorite games and starting gambling right away. There’s no confusion when you step in this virtual casino. Novice users and experienced users alike will find it’s a friendly environment for all.

Friendly rivalries: Mobile gaming’s multiplayer element is among the many reasons so many gamers love iTunes casinos. DoubleDown gets it right. Their multiplayer features place friends and foes in an ongoing gambling showdown that brings laughter and fun to everyone involved. Friendly rivalries grow which adds a social element to already great casino games.

Downloads continue to pour in for this classic casino experience. iTunes users will find themselves pleased with the robust features and social gamers will find much to love about the easy share and play features they can explore with or without friends. Share scores and gain bragging rights.

Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is an exciting, fast-paced adventure around the “map” that the developers chose to include to liven up their take on the classic Bingo genre. Bingo is one of the world’s most universally beloved of all games and can be enjoyed by everyone young and old alike. For technologically savvy people in the modern age, Bingo Blitz does a terrific job bringing a new computer version of this game home for your other devices. It ranks as one of the very best gambling games in the iTunes app store. Here’s why.

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More about Bingo Blitz

Enhancements: Bingo Blitz creators enhance the game by throwing in a ton of achievements and power-ups. So you get all the old-fashioned goodness of classic Bingo along with a host of new features that bring it into the digital age.

Competitions: Compete versus friends and up the fun. You can’t go wrong with a simple game of Bingo among a good group of friends. Compare scores, laugh, and share achievements with your best buds.

Seasonal content: A well-developed online app always contains frequent updates. This shows that the developers care about their customers and want to keep things fresh. Bingo Blitz does a great job of this by offering seasonal bonuses and holiday-specific content that lets you and your friends celebrate the holidays together over a good game of Bingo.

Follow the map: The map feature of Bingo Blitz is perhaps its most interesting graphical feature. Work your way around the world with this terrific map set-up. Keep track of your progress and map your way to huge bonuses.

Tournaments: There’s always room for competition in mobile gaming. Join one of the tournaments and see how far you go. There’s a chance to win big prizes.

A well-developed game shows it and Bingo Blitz certainly does. It has a loyal following among app users and continues to grow into a game that can be enjoyed by people of just about every age. If you’re old enough to hold a mobile phone, you’re old enough to get in on the fun of Bingo Blitz.


Betfair Live Casino

Betfair is one of the most popular gambling applications in the iTunes store. It is available to all gamers 18 years of age and older and features real money games that you can participate in. It’s a more sophisticated gambling app than some, featuring virtual dealers that take the form of women. So if you’re 18 and older and love playing for real money, you can enjoy everything that Betfair Live has to offer its users. They app was recently updated to optimize its speed and performance. There’s a lot to love about this favorite.

More about Betfair Live Casino

All your favorite casino games: Step right up to your favorite dealer table and take part in exciting games of Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette. You’ll be able to select your dealer and then get in on the action right away.

Sync with your Betfair account: Betfair is already a popular desktop website, so you can flawlessly sync your online account with your mobile application one. Just sync and you’re good to go. It means taking your favorite Betfair games with you right along with your phone, wherever you go.

Licensed gaming: Everything is all clear on this real money app. Betfair is licensed in many countries and gives you all the power you need to legally bet real money using their exciting online and mobile casino. As mentioned before, you must be 18 years or older to play the games at Betfair, so if you’re under that, you’ll have to wait.

Betfair Live updates its application with fresh content all the time and is continuously finding ways to sync its online content with its mobile content so that you can always get the full Betfair experience when you log onto your mobile device and get into your favorite casino games. The customer service at Betfair is always top-notch, too, which is why they’re one of the most frequently updated applications in the casino world. They make sure that content is fresh, relevant, and above all enticing to their loyal legion of online and mobile gamers. It’s like having a real casino in your pocket at all times.

Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker

Everything about Full Tilt Poker makes it one of today’s premier mobile poker applications. It’s top of the line for online gambling games for real money and top of the line for mobile poker. It’s an award-winning poker application that is for serious, full-on poker players who want everything they can get out of a mobile poker app. You put real money on the line and you win real money based on your skill at the game of poker. From beginning to finish, you’ll find Full Tilt poker one of the single best online poker games in the world today.

More about Full Tilt Poker

Rich variety: Whether you love Texas Hold’em, blackjack, or Roulette, you’ll find the world’s most popular online casino games right here for your pleasure. You have the luxury of choosing from any of these games and putting real money on the line. It’s an exciting thing for poker players to be playing with real money in a mobile app setting.

Options: Options are important. If you don’t want to play with real money, you can still enjoy the rich and fulfilling games of Full Tilt Poker. Play money is available too and there’s plenty to gain from winning it because the more you win, the more you can enjoy these games for the sake of their fun factor.

Mobile deposits: Once you’ve set up your deposit system, it’s as easy as logging into your mobile device and putting money on Full Tilt. The more you pay and play, the more you stand to win. They offer a generous deposit bonus, too, which is a rarity at many of these places.

Great notification system: Full Tilt keeps you updated on new developments in your gaming life and in your financial earnings. You get great stats on earnings and games that give you the knowledge you need to make smart bets.

Prizes everywhere: Full Tilt loves to hand out prizes to players who play a lot. Keep up with notifications to make sure you grab your prizes.

Full Tilt Poker continues to be a premier destination for mobile poker and casino game action. Download today to find out why.

888 Casino

888 Casino

Play online games and win real money

If you’ve been looking for anything associated with online games real money then you’ve come to the right place! 888 Casino gives gamblers the opportunity to wager and win real money on slot machines and your favorite table games. Whether you have a favorite slot game, table game, or enjoy online gambling period then you’re going to most definitely enjoy wagering with 888 Casino. From the comfort of your own handheld device along with an internet connection you can win real money on the go anytime you feel like playing your favorite games.

More about 888 Casino App

At first glance this site might just look absolutely spectacular, and that’s because it is! After launching the application you’ll notice at the top right hand corner a small rectangular box with a green dollar sign symbol where a players cash balance is displayed. To the right of that players will see the menu button. This brings up deposit options, promotions and account info, and other casino information you should know about as a member.

As far as the main screen looks after logging in, you’ll be pleased to see an array of slot games available to you. Players can enjoy magnificent bonuses with rewarding payouts on many popular and exciting slot games with attractive themes. You’ll also notice that a great deal of slot games offer players the chance to win very lucrative jackpots. There are also options for players to play felted table games with a live dealer. This means you get to virtually play alongside online gamblers just like yourself with a real live trained casino dealer. The video feed for live games is always live and in high quality.

The bottom line is that if you’re the type of gambler looking to play for real money to win big money then this is the app for you. With live action games running around the clock and slot jackpots worth well over 2 million dollars you don’t want to find yourself playing anywhere else, and missing out on the opportunity to earn a life changing reward. Get in the action today if you’re looking for online games real money.


Ladbrokes Poker

Play poker games for real money on mobile device

Ladbrokes poker is the latest app that was developed by Ladbrokes, and they have made it possible to play poker games for real money from the convenience of your own handheld device that’s connected to the internet. Whether you’re a high stakes, medium stakes, or low stakes player you’ll be able to find a game to your liking on this application with other players just like yourself.

More about Ladbrokes Poker App

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tournament player, sit & go player or cash game player, you can be certain that Ladbrokes poker will be a perfect fit for you. With guaranteed prize pools, consistent ring games offering live action at a multitude of stakes, and readily available sit & go’s you’re sure to find your favorite way to build your bankroll by winning money from this Ladbrokes exclusive online poker application.

As you might be able to tell from some of the reviews as well, this application runs very smoothly. It also has a sleek design with very attractive colors and a custom yet real chic look and feel about the digital tables you get to play on. It’s also worth mentioning that you get to even communicate with players at your table by utilizing the chat box associated with the table you’re seated at.

If you’ve tried to play online poker games for real money in the past then you know that an important factor to any successful and fun poker application is that it has a consistently decent amount of active players throughout different times of the day each day of the week. Without a large enough of player base players cannot make the money they want nor participate in daily tournaments and sit & go’s, but if there is a sufficient amount of players then you can feel comfortable playing on this app and participating in the live action with your invested money. If you are considering downloading this app to play online poker it is highly suggested you keep an eye open for new promotions offering newcomers cash bonuses.

Jackpot Party

Jackpot Party

Jackpot Party lets you skip the chaotic lines at the casino and skip to the best parts of a casino trip: The fun of playing great games. This mobile party is home of many a casino classic. You’ll find Vegas style slots around every corner of the interface and enjoy a massive amount of games from WMS. It’s over 70 slots games worth of amazing fun. This kind of variety allows gamers around the world to find one or many slots games to hone in on and master. These games of chance are enough to keep you spinning for hours at a time.

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Highlights and features

Fun only: This casino is all about the fun, not the risk. Don’t worry about betting any real money. You’ll simply enjoy the amazing fun of playing each and every game at your leisure. Play as little or as much as you like. There’s always more to do here but the fun will wait.

Favorite games: There are too many games to go through in one short synopsis of this game but among the crowd favorites are Zeus II, Invaders from Planet Moolah, and Super Jackpot Party, a homespun game by Jackpot Party makers themselves.

Exchange gifts: If you’ve got friends that play this game, hook up with them and hand out generous gifts. They’ll thank you for helping them get the most out of this mobile favorite casino.

Daily bonus: Grab extra spins just for signing onto the game. This gives you more chances to win.

This app is available from the iTunes app store and is for fun only. There’s no real money involved in this one. It’s perfect for those gamers who enjoy the chance games in a casino but don’t want to lose real dollars to enjoy the games. Sometimes a game is just a game. There’s no need to bet on it. Jackpot Party is perfect for casual gamers who want a free mobile casino to take with them during events where they might have to wait around. It’s even fun to play at home in your spare time.

House of Fun

House of Fun

Welcome to House of Fun, an iTunes classic app and a champion among free online slots. The online slots world has long been oversaturated with games that promise too much and deliver too little. This is one of the online slots games that really lives up to its name. House of Fun is fun and it delivers on its promise of a superior social casino experience that connects app users to their friends and lets them go toe-to-toe in casino games. Millions of people have discovered House of Fun so far.

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House of Fun’s Features and Highlights

Simulated casino experience: This isn’t a phony casino you’re looking at here. House of Fun invested a lot in making their virtual casino look like the real thing and the finished product shows it. You’ll find a wealth of sights and sounds that bring the “real” casino experience home to you as you play their slots.

Bonuses are the rule, not the exception: House of Fun loves to reward its new and loyal players with huge bonuses. For example, all new plays nab a cool $1,000 welcome bonus. Not bad.

HD Slots: HD slots are the newest and greatest development in casino graphics and House of Fun has them.

Themes everywhere: There are hundreds of backgrounds to choose from when you’re playing slots. The theme changes the experience for each new slots game and this makes a ton of difference. You’ll never get bored when you download the House of Fun app. It’s casino goodness from beginning to end. Better yet, they always add new games every week to go along with their already impressive selection.

Sharing: You can share coins with friends. This is a huge deal. For any casino to claim it’s a social casino, it has to have sharing features among friends. If you have a friend who needs some coins, it’s as simple as sending them over. House of Fun makes it easy. Get bonuses for connecting through Facebook, too.

House of Fun is one of the most fun, best social casinos out there and it’s available for download right now.

myVegas Slots


Gamble online and feel like you’re in Vegas

myVegas is probably one of the greatest online slots applications developed with the players in mind to be rewarded greatly. Not only can you play your favorite slots that can be found in actual famous casinos located in Las Vegas, but you get to play them for free with a play money balance and earn rewards worth real money. All you have to do is login each day to collect your daily free spins that award you play monies, and once you stack up your play money balance you can then choose to spend them playing on well over 30 different online slots that resemble real machines found in the world famous Las Vegas.

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More about myVegas

Players can earn different rewards such as Las Vegas show tickets, discounts on buffets and hotel rooms you can even earn free rooms at some of the most prestige hotels. myVegas is also the perfect app for slot players who plan on visiting Las Vegas one day. You can earn free rooms, free meals, and free show tickets. Players will also get a little taste of what it’s like to play slot machines located in the real casinos.

Players will notice the rewards system on myVegas is especially intriguing. Once the game is launched and you’ve chosen a slot game to play you’ll notice at the top three separate bars one for experience, another for gold chips (which are used to claim real rewards) and a third that keeps track of your play money balance. By spending the chips in your play money balance you can earn gold chips and experience, and as your XP level rises you will earn more gold chips which means more to spend on real rewards for your trip to Las Vegas!

So whether you’re an avid or recreational gambler you definitely want to check out this app; because it costs absolutely nothing to start playing, and you can walk away with some very awesome prizes.

Double U Casino

Double U Casino

Double U online slots Australia is a completely free to play mobile casino app for the Apple iOS, Facebook, Android and Amazon mobile platforms. Double U is not a single casino game, but rather a vast and colorfully diverse emporium of different casino games which the player may effortlessly cycle through at will. Double U game types include video slots, table games, card games, bingo as well as the niche but fascinating baccarat. Some popular and in demand Double U games include titles such as Mermaid’s Fortune, Wizard Slots, Dolphin Slots, Battle Bingo, Jelly Pop, Treasure Hunter, Texas Hold Em Poker as well as Black Jack and Video Keno.

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More about Double U Casino

In addition to being completely free Double U also has the option for players to play for real world cash. Additionally, the game features an ever changing and massive jackpot which one lucky player can tap into at a time for the payout of a lifetime and best of all each game has it’s very own jackpot! Double U also features an extremely comprehensive social media system that allows the player to connect with other casino users to chat, challenge or keep track of them as well as a constantly updated leader board so that more experienced and competitive players can keep track of their online score. Double U Casino has a plethora of bonus features such as completely free gifts, free spins and multipliers and weekly jackpot tournaments.

Double U Casino features a payout ratio of 98 percent which is several percentage higher than almost any other land based casino one is ever likely to visit. For instance, most Las Vegas casinos feature a payout ratio of anywhere between 85 and 95 percent the difference is obvious. So if you are looking for a great way to have fun whenever you want, wherever you are, keep your options open and potentially make a little something extra on the side consider the Double U Casino app.

Big Fish

Big Fish Casino

Not many games are confident enough to hand out 100,000 free bonus chips to new players, but Big Fish Casino knows its value. Once you’ve got those chips and begin playing, you won’t be able to stop. The game has amassed a huge following on mobile devices and it knows how to treat its customers. There’s no shortage of amazing reviews already for this timelessly popular casino.

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More about Big Fish Casino

Tons of games: The sheer number of games available on Big Fish Casino shows just why this fan favorite can confidently call itself big. You’ve got classics like Texas Hold’em Poker, Roulette, slots, and dozens more just waiting for you. The feel of a big casino is just around the corner when you download this app onto your iPhone.

Perks abound: Perks are everywhere in this game. They put up and pay out big jackpots, offer free games each day, and throw out bonuses like they have them to spare. In fact, the official word is that they routinely hand out billions of chips for jackpots every day. That’s something almost no other slot online can boast about.

Social Scatter Slots: Big Fish Casino can’t be mentioned without mentioning its most popular feature. Social Scatter lets friends play and win jackpots and chips together. It’s so big that they trademarked the term Social Scatter. It’s a new revolution in online casino play and people love it.

Live play: Want to watch friends play? Want to let friends watch you play? This online casino has the technology to make it possible. Their live play feature is second to none in the world of online casino gaming.

Add in a few free gifts and massive power ups and you have a recipe for one of the classic greats among all slot games online. Big Fish Casino continues to pull in huge crowds of gamers who love to play virtual casino games just for fun and for the sense of community that arises when you get a group of fellow gamers who just love to game.

GameHouse Casino

GameHouse Casino

Game House Casino is a gambling app for IPhone and IPad. The app is free and offers players a fun casino experience without leaving their homes. The real life graphics gives players the casino atmosphere when playing slot machine games. The app has many features that keep game players entertained with bonus prizes, and different slot machine games to choose from. The app offers games such as slots, blackjack, and video poker.

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More about GameHouse Casino

The app can be connected through Facebook which also gives players more bonuses. When connecting through Facebook you can invite your friends to play the app with you. Players will receive 100,000 coins for free, and receive and send gifts. When playing the app players can cash in their bonus coins every couple of hours. The game has a Mega Wheel that players can spin that issue payouts on a daily basis for prizes.

Adult players of the app are given the opportunity to play for fun and not worry about real money gain or loss. The fun gambling app comes in seven different languages for a global playing experience. People who have IOS 6.1 or newer can download the app and start playing immediately. The unique graphics offers the feel of a real casino and the chance to increase skill at the game.

The Game House Casino has a variety of gambling preferences, and can be played anytime and anywhere on your Apple device. The game is always free, and does not require real money to be deposited to play. Players have the feature to post how well they are playing and can brag on their score for their friends to see. The game can increase playing potential and players can learn techniques from other players across the world.

The new online slots offers hours of fun and entertainment of a casino without having to leave your home to do so. The app is user friendly and can be played by all level preferences. The game give players an advantage to freshen up on their skills, and can compete with other players online.

Price is Right Slots

Price is Right Slots

The classic television game show Price is Right captured the imagination and attention of an entire world each morning and kept everyone wondering who was going to win big next. Showcase showdowns are a household phrase now. Everybody knows what the Price is Right is. But game makers have taken this classic television game show and transformed it into an online slot game available in the iTunes app store. The results are astounding. It’s amazing how well the Price is Right show converts into an online slots game.

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More about Price is Right Slots

True to its source material: The slots game is devoted to the original Price is Right formula and uses Pricing Games to help you “level up” and get to the next stage of the game. It’s all about winnings and traveling from bonus rounds to Contestants’ Row, to making it all the way beside the Big Wheel spin. If you love the Price is Right, you’re going to love this slots game.

No deposit: The Price is Right slots game is a no deposit online slots game. You don’t put any money down to play this. It’s all for the love and fun of the classic Price is Right series.

All the games you know and love: Remember Pinko? Remember Three Strikes? They’re all represented here. The creators of the official Price is Right slots game took a lot of pride and care in making sure that they brought the classic games of the show into the slots experience.

Play options: You can make it social by connecting to your Facebook account or you can enjoy a game all by yourself as a guest. It’s all up to the player and how they want to enjoy their next round of slots.

Achievements: No modern game is complete without achievements. This one is no exception. To round out already impressive features, you can reach achievements.

Your goal in this game is to become the Spin Master, but you can’t do that without first mastering the art of downloading this from the iTunes app store.

Slots Farm

Slots Farm

Facebook helped to make online slots mainstream. It made it okay for just the average person to enjoy casino games without the stigma of being labeled a gambler, although in time people even discovered that that sort of thing wasn’t always bad either. Slots Farm is one of Facebook’s main contributions to helping make slots mainstream. Now all of those Facebook games are gathered in one place, packed into one amazing application called Slots Farm. It features the top slots online as played directly on Facebook. Bring friends and family along for the fun by using your Facebook login to access all of these games in one place.

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More about Slots Farm

Free coins just for downloading: When you download this application, you get 500 free coins to help you start your adventure. If that’s not enough, Slots Farm gives you hourly bonuses for playing. Imagine getting rewarded just for having fun. That’s the kind of thing that happens when you download Slots Farm.

Interact with friends: Facebook made these games popular and you can bring along the same kind of experience to your mobile phone. Send gifts and coins to friends or request gifts and coins from them. You’re never alone when you’re playing Slots Farm.

No ads: Hate ads? Great. You won’t find any ads or even fees on Slots Farm. It’s free to play and it’s free of ads. You can’t get a better bonus than that for any online slots game.

As of now, there are 1.3 million people enjoying Slots Farm on their tech devices. Mobile users continue to discover this gem every day. There are over two dozen slot machines and tons of mini-games to round out the fun. Leaderboards keep friends updated on who is doing the best during the week at classic games like Run Chicken Run, Freaky Bandits, and Mystic slots.

Everything considered, Slots Farm is one of the best slot machine apps available in the iTunes store. It combines ad free fun for Facebook users who love to turn their gaming into the ultimate social competition.

Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer is an arcade game and a strategic app developed by Game Circus LLC. The free app, available in the iTunes app store, allows players to pass the time with this ever so popular carnival game. The game is set up as the virtual version of one you would find at a local fair or carnival. With an extensive amount of levels and puzzles to complete for bonuses and level ups, this app will keep you fully engaged and occupied.

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More about Coin Dozer Game App

This free money casino game is one where you tap the screen of your phone to drop coins on to the retractable lever. The lever than pushes your coins into the already existing coin pool. In the coin pool are little prizes like stuffed bears or sunglasses, as well as bonus coins and experience points.

You gain levels by reaching a certain experience point amount by gaining individual coins or gaining the experience coins. The bonus coins offer a unique feature as some either drop a large coin onto the playing field which makes the items jump off the edge and directly into your account. The walls bonus coins prevent the coins from going of off the sides for a short period of time.

Prizes that you successfully push of the edge can be stored into your collection or traded in for more coins as well. Coins regenerate once every 60 seconds, so your bankroll can build up rather quickly.

As you advance levels you gain certain puzzle pieces that unlock new games and new features. The levels become progressively harder and require more experience points to pass. When advancing levels your playing board becomes more attractive as well with many more prizes, bonus coins, or experience point coins. This is a progressive game that refuses to diminish your attention.

Advance through all of the levels completing numerous puzzles and challenges to build your bank roll. As your bank roll becomes higher and higher, the options you have when placing your coins becomes more exciting and more interactive. A higher bankroll produces all of the bells and whistles the game offers and is truly a sight to see. So do you have what it takes to become a Coin Dozer champion? Test your finger today and download this free money casino iOS app in your iTunes store today!

Slots Journey

Slots Journey

Slots Journey is an interactive virtual gameplay app that progressively takes you through different levels of the world. Like a normal slot game, Slots Journey has different symbols and bonuses for all slots within the game. Each slot can be advanced on to or unlocked through gaming experiencing points required for that particular portion. Star your bankroll small and build your way up as you Journey across continents and historical regions of the world.

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More about Slots Journey App

The game starts with you receiving anywhere from 250-750 coins. You can bet a certain portion per line and a certain number of lines. As you gain more coins/money you can place larger bets or increase the number of lines and winning combinations. Each day you log on to your Slot Journey account you will be able to pick from a bonus treasure chest. Treasure chests hold anything from large coin amounts to multipliers which you can apply to certain spins as you please.

Within each individual level there are bonus feature games that can be unlocked when revealing three or more of the bonus triggers. In the bonus games you get to pick anywhere from three to five of the items, again revealing more coins or bonus multipliers. Your coins also regenerate every 60 minutes, so even if you take your account down too low to bet, you won’t have to wait long to play again.

Within each region or location there are 4-5 areas that you have to get past. Each area also has 4-5 parts that you must past, making the average region about 16-25 different parts to complete.

Upon completion of each part you gain coins or more bonus multipliers and that is also when your betting maximum is increased. As areas are completed you receive a larger coin amount or a stack of bonus multipliers for your use. Advancing on in this game can be somewhat addicting, as you seem to reveal something new each time. Each region also poses new challenges with different slot designs and more intriguing bonus games.

Download this iOS app from your iTunes store for instant play. Playing is free and only requires money if you are impatient with increasing your bankroll, as they have some coin packages for your purchasing pleasures. Start your Slot Journey today to see if you can conquer all regions of the world and experience the challenges that are presented along the way.

Monopoly Slots

Monopoly Slots

MONOPOLY Slots is a free app that combines the fun of a family favorite with the excitement of playing at the casino slots. Electronic Arts (EA) Inc. is responsible for developing MONOPOLY Slots as an Apple iOS app and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. Owners of iPod Touch, iPhones, and iPads with iOS 6.0 or later version can install this mobile game for free.

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More about Monopoly Slots

People have enjoyed mobile games featuring online slots for many years. EA modernized this app to blend gaming, gambling, spinning, and high stakes for endless entertainment while your winnings pile up. This game has achieved nothing but astounding results by gifting each player with bonus coins every day to use in any one of 50 theme filled rooms.

MONOPOLY Slots Features

After creating an account by signing up with your email or Facebook account, the top left corner of the screen shows free coins that are given after the first login. The top right corner shows a clock that is counting down until the chance to collect more coins. Navigation is easy throughout the app also with conveniently placed buttons to return to the lobby and a menu button for settings and support.

The first room with online slots is called, “Easy Street.” As the name implies, this room is a chance for the user to learn how to play the game without betting too much. The slots start spinning by clicking either the maximum bet or spin button. Once the slots stop, the cards line up to show your results and earnings. This room consists of 20 Paylines, free Spin Bonus, and “It’s Raining Money” Bonus. The objective is to earn as much money as you can each level and to level up as quickly as possible. Matching up “GO” cards and Mega wins increases the player’s level faster. Leveling up means the players can win even more.

The developers continuously improve and update this iOS app to keep on entertaining fans of this mobile game. Players also enjoy entering tournaments and jackpots while an animated Mr. Monopoly cheers in the corner.

Born to be Rich

Born to Be Rich

Born to Be Rich is a true-to-life game that simulates real slots and gives you the ultimate in realistic slot machine play. Born to Be Rich features total compatibility with the iOS Game Center so you won’t miss any of the action.

Born to Be Rich features stunning music and visuals making this slots casino machine game more realistic than ever. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned expert, Born to Be Rich offers something for everyone. Born to Be Rich is fully compatible with all devices running the iOS operating system.

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More about Born To Be Rich

Within the app are a ton of games to keep your interest for a long time to come. The namesake game of the Born to Be Rich app features 30 lines and 5 reels with the goal of collecting high-end items. This fast-paced game will give you hours of enjoyment.

Coffee Break is another game within the app that is designed to be quick and rewarding at the same time by offering multiple chances to win big.

The graphics are stellar in the Mermaid Seas game making it one of the most visually stunning slot machine games in the App Store. Featuring hundreds of winning combinations, Mermaid Seas is guaranteed to keep your attention.

In addition to the spectacular games included, the Born to Be Rich app is the most feature-packed slot machine game you’ll ever play. Stay connected with push notifications to be instantly notified of generous credit bonuses. If you’re in the mood for the real slots experience, the simulator uses the same algorithms used by the world’s top casinos.

If you want to show off your competitive side, keep the Born to Be Rich app connected to the Game Center for head-to-head competition with players all over the world.

Integrated sharing lets you share your winning record on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and you can even share a link through email.

Slots Wheel Deal

Slots Wheel Deal

With the vast amount of different online slots, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. But Slots Wheel Deal has made it much easier to choose by delivering a social slot game that allows each player to compete against eachother.

Developed by Yazino, Slots Wheel Deal is definitely one of a kind. Players can play free slots app and win on a five reel machine, and a 20 pay line.Don’t think that bonuses are out of the question, because Slots Wheel Deal definitely offers bonus wheels. Players who win big can be showcased on the leader board and be recognized as superstars.

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More about Slots Wheel Deal

When it comes to features, everyone wants to know what they will be getting. Each player will be competing against thousands of players at a time.

Slots Wheel Deal is developed with HD graphics, striking sound effects, and stimulating animations. You can easily play in the games you love by just logging in through web or mobile.

After every four hours of play, Slots Wheel Deal gathers no cost bonus chips, building your bonus banks and unlocking wheel deals.In live mode, players can entertain each other and there is continuous win and game autospins. This online casino allows you to chat it up with online players from all over the world, and if you are into gift exchanging, then you can swap gifts amongst other players.

One of the best features Slots Wheel Deal offers is the ability to request friends to play Slots Wheel Deal via Facebook and Email. The latest edition allows in app buying making upgrading quick and simple. When it comes to getting a particular account, Slots Wheel Deal allows you to get and or find accounts on devices that are hosting the game. It can approximate players location through a built in GPS system, and it can also read, modify, and delete USB contents.

Playing online casino pokies can be more than just an experience. It can make gambling much more comfortable, and extremely convenient.

Old Vegas Slots

Old Vegas Slots

Paying tribute to the classic machines that started it all, the Old Vegas Slots app for iOS devices offer players dozens of vintage style slot games in a simple mobile pokies casino format. The slots are free to play and there are regular bonuses available to enhance gameplay for all players. This app features the same extra experiences that would be found at a real Las Vegas casino, such as various progressive jackpots and tournaments for players. Though every game is free to play, there are in-game purchases available for extra coins.

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More about Old Vegas Slots

At the present time, Old Vegas Slots offers 30+ titles that players can choose from, with other titles added on occasion. The pokies casino app provides slots in the vintage “one armed bandit” style, meaning they contain 3 reels that spin and typically 1 payline where winning combinations can occur. These games work at a fast, exciting pace and are optimized for a touchscreen format, so virtually every player will have no trouble learning how to operate the slot. Certain slots also feature special wins and bonuses that increase the payout amount when landed on the payline.

The slot app also includes progressive jackpots. These jackpots are linked to some of the featured games and will constantly build in their dollar amount until a player hits the right combo and wins the jackpot. This offers a unique allure to playing certain titles in the hope of hitting that special payout. Tournaments from the app will allow players from around the world to compete against each other for the best score, and the tournaments are free to enter and play.

Old Vegas Slots links up to the notification system on the player’s mobile device, so they will immediately be informed when new titles or exclusive bonuses are being released for use. Players who prefer to game with extra coins have the ability to purchase more within the app for use on each of the games. However, there are no real money wins featured in the app, and the app is intended for mature audiences due to its realistic simulation of gambling.

Mega Poker Texas Hold Em

Mega Poker Texas Hold Em

Play Poker on an Exciting App Today

This poker application is one of the highest rated poker games available in the app store. Not only is it exciting to play, but the size of the file is also convenient as it only takes between 5 and 30 seconds to download depending on your internet connection. When you first launch the application you’ll notice elegant background music along with a very chic look and feel regarding the user interface.

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More about Mega Poker Texas Hold Em

One of the greatest features about this poker app is that you can sign-in using your Facebook login credentials; and if you don’t want to do that you can choose to play as a guest for quick action (meaning you don’t have to register whatsoever).

The layout is probably one of the most convenient yet stylish at the same time. The main menu will introduce three options in the middle to either play a sit & go or tournament. When a user clicks on one of those two options they’ll be able to choose the buy-in amount for what they wish to wager. Once signed into your account or registered as a guest you can begin playing immediately. Once you’ve begun your journey to raking in as many chips as you can, you can also start earning achievements in the game. The achievements feature is one of the most highly regarded features a developer can put into a game; because sometimes games can get old after time, but when you have a list of tasks to accomplish it makes the game even more enjoyable for longtime play. This isn’t just an app you install and uninstall when you’re done. This is a poker application you can continue playing for fun each and every day.

As you play more and more you can also build your ranking through “experience” as the app titles it. This will let you know how you are progressing and also help you identify which players are good, really good, and perhaps not so great. Visit the app store and check this one out you won’t regret it!

Craps Master

Craps Master

Learn One of the Most Exciting Casino Games!

Craps Master is a game app that can be played on Apple devices. Online craps is gambling game played with dice. The game has a 3D appeal and is designed to give any player the fullest advantage of the game without random set numbers. The game is designed for all types of players from beginners to intermediate. Craps can be played for high ranking or to practice in the demo mode. When playing the Crap Master app it is a virtual setting which allows you to test skills with other players around the globe.

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More about Craps Master

It is user friendly with a drag and drop feature that makes moving your chips simple and effective. Features of this game include animations of a camera that gives you the feel of reality from the comfort of anywhere you choose to play. It offers the player choices of how it is played and how you shoot the dice. The player can shake the dice and aim, shake automatically, aim, or shoot the dice across the table. When playing the game you decide on the limits you want to set the table for. The decisions is up to the player and not the game. The advantage of real time helps players know what there stats are at the moment they change. There is no delay when playing this game.

Another neat feature of the online craps game is that if the player has a bad roll it can be taken away as if it never happened with Mulligan. This will give the player a greater advantage of increased points without the bad roll being accepted. The simulator is designed for smooth playing, and to have fun while betting chips. Players can start out small and once they are comfortable can move up in the game and increase their bets. It makes testing player skills with the unique design, and friendly interface. Test your skills and try this fun game. You could be the next high ranking stats holder.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power

Casino Entertainment in Your Pocket!

If you’re looking for a fun gambling casino apps to play on your Apple device then Paddy Power is just for you. It is a unique game that resembles playing at a live casino from the comfort of anywhere you wish to be. The game offers several games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Real time live dealer Roulette. The casino apps offer the casino experience with real dealers who offer a neat experience as you play. The features include real life playing opportunities without the need to travel to a casino. The game is made for any type of player, whether you are playing for the first time or have been playing for years it is designed to give fun and entertainment for your playing needs.

More about Paddy Power

The app is designed to be played on any Apple device of IOS 4 and up. The app is created for live video streaming as you play, and the dealers are live as well giving you the feel of an in-house casino. All you need to do is download the app and login with your username and password to play any time of day from anywhere you wish. The security level allows you to make deposits from your phone with ease. The app is user friendly and can be played in 16 different languages across many countries.

The app has customer support 24 hours a day and seven days a week to assist players with any issues or questions they have. As long as the player has a Wi-Fi or 2G or 4G connection the game is accessible from your Apple device. The player only needs to register once, and can use their login credentials from other devices. The safe and security design entails the latest advancements for secure playing and monetary transfers. The game features all your casino fun, and requires all players to be at least 17 years old to virtually play.

If you’re wanting apps for a fun and exciting gambling casino apps experience Paddy Power is waiting for you. Download and start playing, and see how you rank in this virtual live casino.

Sky Vegas

Sky Vegas

Mobile Casino That Pays You Real Money

Sky Vegas casino is a great application for real money gamblers to play their favorite slots and live felt games. That’s right, not only can you play the slots, but you can now wager real money with live dealers through video feed. You have the option of playing live roulette, live blackjack or even live casino hold’em. This goes without mentioning the plethora of slot games players can choose from too.

More about Sky Vegas

Once a user has launched the app the first thing you’ll notice across the top is a banner of flashing games; these are the casinos most popular games. Right above the banner on the top right corner you’ll also see two options to either “Join” or “Login”. If you’re new then you want to join, and if and when you’ve established an account at Sky Vegas casino then you’re going to want to login. If you’re a newcomer then you might want to take a look around the banner when you’ve launched the application to see if there are any free monies being given away by the casino (which often happens). Sky Vegas casino is well known among online gaming sites to have fantastic promotions offering players the chance to gamble with free money.

When a player launches the application they’ll notice a banner titled “Promotions”. Be sure to click on this banner each and every day to see what new offers are available to you. Sometimes you might have free spins awarded to you, and other times you might receive a free casino chip for table games.

There are a total of 29 different slot games, 10 jackpot games, and 4 live dealer games. There are perks to all of these niche games. If players want to play slots for the chance to win money through awesome bonuses then any of the slot games will be found suitable. If players are looking for a real live casino atmosphere then players might want to check out the jackpot games. It is not uncommon to see the jackpots reach over one million; and of course we can’t forget about the live dealer games! What are you waiting for? Join the fun today.

Slingo Adventure

Slingo Adventure

A Fun New Twist on Bingo

The Slingo Adventure app can be purchased for free in the Apple store apps. The story of the Slingo Adventure focuses on characters such as the Joker, The Cherub and many other interesting characters. They all go on a wonderful adventure that takes them on a journey to the World of Chance. The Devil, the villain of the game, steals King Diamonds scepter and kidnaps his queen.

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After clicking on the store app, a Cherub tip window pop-up. The game includes spinning, betting and daubing. It shows different levels of Power-ups and instructions on how they can be used. You can purchase them and use them anytime. They can also be used in other levels and you are allowed to use more than one Power-up. There is a beautiful scenic world with a road and on that road are circle of levels. Once you click on a level, a pop-up window appears and lets you know what the goal for that level is. You will see a Bingo board with numbers displayed on the game play. There is a Spin button on the lower left that you click on. Then numbers appear at the bottom of the Bingo board. You have to keep tapping on spin until you match all the numbers in one of the columns. You match the numbers on the board with the numbers below to earn points. The more matches you make the more enormous the bonus is.

The game features include 300 levels of matching. There are 12 old and new Power-ups. You have the opportunity to wager you score in the mini games. There is also a collapse mode where you are being timed to clear the board. Slingo Adventure allows you to invite your Facebook friends and at the same time keep track of each other’s scores and progress. There is also a feature where you get to challenge your Facebook friends. You also can help your friends their gameplay journey of Slingo Adventure. The game allows you to use the Apple Watch to track of your score and heart status.

Casino Frenzy

Casino Frenzy

The Full Casino Experience on Your Mobile Device

Casino Frenzy is a free casino app designed to be played on IPhone and IPads. The apps market offers 50,000 bonus coins for free to new players. There are numerous video poker and slot games to entertain hours at a time. Casino Frenzy give the player and opportunity to play with other players across the globe, and learn strategies to improve your casino winnings.

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The casino offers new gaming choices often, and graphic themes that seem lifelike in the casino world. There are many games to play such as jacks, cards, and dice casino games. The multi-player function gives you more options of who you play with. Casino Frenzy offers a unique VIP feature for all players. The VIP feature offers rewards, points, and a chance to increase your playing potential. The game allows you to earn 50,000 more free coins by connecting with Facebook. The app keeps giving by offering extensive coins for free the longer you play. This app keeps giving and giving by making each players experience worthwhile.

This app is designed to give players the realistic Vegas feel with numerous ways to extend your playing earnings. The gambling experience is offered for adult players and is intended for fun casino experiences without the hassle of real money. The app is uniquely made in 19 different languages which allows people across the world an advantage to take part in the life like casino games.

The app offers an easy to use interface, and games for all types of players. The game that keeps on giving is a win for everyone who wants to try it out. It is filled with ways to increase earnings, and ranking as each player raises the stakes. Switch from different types of casino games with ease, and enjoy the different themes that look like you’re in Vegas without traveling to Vegas. Meet new people who enjoy the casino games while you reach higher goals with each played game. It is designed for fun that offers an exciting gambling array of games.

Reel Deal Slots

Reel Deal Slots

Tons of Slot Games Available on the Go

If you’re looking to play apps online then Reel Deal Slots is for you. This app is free for everyone to play and offers a wide range of slot games. Phantom EFX has designed the different slot machine games all in one to improve gaming experience. The slot machine games is a safe way to gamble without using real money. It takes fun to a whole new level with the variety of fruit, slots, and poker games wrapped into one free app.

When registering with the app the player will receive to free slot machines to start earning. The app offers the player options to see how they are playing with stats and ranking monitoring. The features of the game offers advancement, and the ability to achieve higher goals while playing with other players online.

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If you would like to spice of your playing grounds then switching amongst the different version of slot machine games will offer a variety of spice. The apps is made with unique graphics that give the casino feel from the comfort of home. The app can be played on IPhone, IPod Touch and IPad. You can switch between devices and still play your same account. It allows players to progress at their own rate, and gives the option to increase slot machine winnings. The virtual game has all these features wrapped up into one easy to download app.

Another great feature of Reel Deal Slots is the tournaments. Tournaments allow players to compete with other players at different levels of the game. It is setup to a surreal slot machine competition that allows each player to soar to higher playing ground. The app is designed to enrich the heightened playing potential of different slot machines by playing virtually with other players. This app gives the virtue of casino gambling and real life situations in a friendly filled atmosphere online. The features also allow intense slot playing or casual fun competition.

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal App: The Game Show Experience

You’ve viewed the television show Deal or No Deal at some point in time. You’ve watched as guests risked it all to try and go for the big cash, or played conservatively to make sure they take home a decent amount. Now is your chance to risk it all (without actually having to risk any money) by downloading the Deal or No Deal iOS app in the iTunes app store. Start your journey today to see if you have what it takes to beat the banker and overcome the extreme odds to take home the top prize.

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This virtual gameplay makes you feel as if you are a contestant on the show. While using the original show model of picking your case from one of the 26 up there, there is an interactive tournament feature that allows you to play against people from all over the world who own the app. This is a free game in which you can log into via your Facebook account or as a guest.

As a registered Facebook user, you can receive extra coins/tokens to enter in these tournaments to compete against other users for a large sum of token payout. It is an added feature that allows your skill and will power to be tested a little more thoroughly knowing that there’s tokens on the line and you have to think of others gambling tendencies. This added feature puts a nice twist on this classic game show.

Playing this game is like having the case in the palm of your hand. You see your amounts knocked off/remaining on the sides of your screen as you go along. You also get to make the deal or no deal decision each round with the big red button front and center on your screen. It recreates all the pressures of the game through insulting offers from the banker to the high-risk, high-reward fun that you will see on the TV show. This app does a great job of bringing the game right into your hands where you make all of the decisions and can feel the tension of taking that risk each time.
With added features like tournament play and the feel of being on the gameshow itself, the Deal or No Deal app truly stand outs to the consumer.

It is a great way to play around for a bit in a fashion that isn’t quite as addictive as other apps. It is a complete game of chance and it has an end, which consumers like. They also enjoy the ability to play again and see if they can raise their previous amount won. Try this app today by downloading it in the iTunes app store free of charge and prove the banker wrong on your road to making the right deal.

PCH Cash Slots

PCH Cash Slots

Big Fun and Big Wins

PCH Cash slots brings together the two best things about online gambling by combining the thrill of online slots with the excitement of winning real, honest to goodness cash. This popular iTunes app store application is home to the famous $2500 cash jackpot they throw at heavy spinners. This isn’t the only real cash to be had, though. The ability to win real cash prizes is the biggest selling point of this phenomenal slots experience.

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Highlights and Features

15 pay lines: This is a huge amount of pay lines for a mobile casino app. Don’t forget the fact that there are also bonus symbols buried within the lines, so you’ll always stand a chance of winning a mystery prize that could include real cash.

Focused on a single slot game: While some prefer variety, others like to stick with a single slot game and that’s what this app offers. You’ll learn the ins and outs of this particular game and devise strategies for conquering the slot rhythms contained in just this single game. For many, this is a plus, especially since real cash is at stake.

Win the jackpot but pay nothing: It’s free to play and you’ll enjoy that part the most. You’ll never have to shell out real coins like in other games of chance where you have to put your own money on the line to win. Just download the app and start playing to receive your chance of the $2500 jackpot dished out to loyal players.

More than just a jackpot: Real cash prizes are distributed throughout the year for mobile players. They make the announcements and you pick up the prizes if you win. Once again, it’s real cash and that alone makes this worth a download to most iTunes users.

Perhaps the biggest perk is that you don’t need to do in-app purchases to pick up your prizes or advance in the game. It’s simplicity at its finest in the world of online slots applications. There’s not much to dislike about this simple application that gives its users the opportunity to win real cash.

Mega Fame Casino

Mega Fame Casino

Play Casino Games with Your Favorite Celebs!

It’s no secret that the Internet has an obsession with celebrity culture. You’ll find celebrity pictures, videos, and news stories around every twist and turn of the vast expanse of cyberspace. For people with a sense of humor and curiosity, this is no big deal. In fact, when it’s used in conjunction with app store purchases, it can be a great deal of big fun. Mega Fame Casino recognized this and crafted a super fun celebrity casino where you actually get to play with genuine celebrities. It’s a full-fledged celebrity casino equipped with the best casino games and the big celebrity names you crave.

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Highlights and Features

Connect with Facebook and celebrities: Facebook users will be delighted to know that this app plugs right into your Facebook account and can be used either on mobile or in Facebook as a Facebook game. Either way, the celebrities are there.

Slots and poker: Poker and slots are the name of the games here and they’re offered in their best forms. It’s exciting from beginning to finish.

Always something new: They add new slots all the time. There’s never a lack of variety in the slots scenery when you download Mega Fame Casino.

Celebrities galore: If you love celebrities, you’re going to love seeing the biggest names in the business when you head over to Mega Fame. Many people are opting for this one because it not only keeps them up to date on slots fun, but it keeps them up to date on the biggest names in fame. The owners go out of their way to ensure that every moment of your gaming experience makes you feel famously good.

Celebrity poker tournaments: These are the hot items right now. There’s always something new going on during the scheduled times and things are kept fresh with newly announced tournaments all the time.

Filmstrip: You can actually watch celebrities playing these games to give you an idea of who you might be going up against during the next match of poker. It’s exciting to know that the people you admire on television and in music are out there playing these games just like you.

All-in-all, Mega Fame Casino is one of the hottest names in the app store mobile casino business. See why with a download.

Infinity Slots

Infinity Slots

Fun and Free Slots Available for Download

The fun goes on and on when you download Infinity Slots, a slot machine unlike any other available in the iTunes app store. It’s fresh fun for everyone who admires the addictive fun available on slot machines. Grab bonuses, spin the wheel, and get ready to simulate the feeling of winning big at a real casino. The social element of the game rounds out its charms nicely. You’ll be able to compare scores with friends, brag about your latest adventures, or simply enjoy a few spins of the slots yourself when you need a moment to relax.

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Highlights and Features

Get it free: There’s no better price than free. You can grab this wildly fun slots game for free from iTunes. There’s no hidden fees and nothing to lose.

Constantly updated: There’s always something new to discover at Infinity Slots. They’re good at giving players the feeling that they’re playing a new game every time they log on.

Gifts: Everyone loves a good gift and Infinity slots lets you send out tons of free gifts to your friends and then they can send out gifts to you. Get you’re gaming and social fix at the same time when you watch your friends win big and let them know that you’re winning big too.

Genuine Vegas flavor: Graphics are important in computer slots games because you need to feel like you’re out there pulling the handle in a real casino. The graphics, audio, and feeling of this game gives you the vibe that you’re right there in Vegas trying to win big bucks.

Infinity Slots is one of the best free slot machine games available in the app store on mobile devices. You can download it and track your winnings from anywhere. If you’re stuck waiting for an appointment or traveling from home for any reason, take this game along as a great way to kill some time and boredom while you’re waiting. Infinity Slots is very generous with bonuses and never fails to deliver on their promise of authentic slots action with a mobile background setting. Share your good times with friends, too.

Slot Spot

Slot Spot

A Unique and Puzzling Slots Experience

Slot Spot is a slot machine game that features slots that tell stories. Each slot machine has its own theme and set of unique little set of stories, a winning gimmick for many gamers that helps to make the slots more interesting. The payouts are a bit harder than some other games, but they do eventually come, and never forget that good things are worth waiting for. With a little patience, it’s possible to master the rhythms of these unique slot machine games available in the app store.

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More about Slot Spot

Highlights and Features

Unique stories: It’s not just slots on here. The developers try to give each game its own unique storyline and personality, making it a bit more intriguing to keep trudging forward with slots. While payouts may take longer than other games, they’re just as big and often more rewarding because it feels like you’ve really worked for it.

Facebook friendly: Facebook fans, which is pretty much everyone, will love this game. It works seamlessly with Facebook and all of your stats can transfer over to your mobile device version. You don’t lose a thing and can still compare scores and send or receive gifts from Facebook friends. It’s one of the best games on Facebook.

Vegas machines: If you crave an authentic Vegas slot machine adventure, this is the place to go. Slot Spot spends a lot of time and effort making your slots experience one that is much like you would get if you were right there in Vegas pulling slots handles.

Quests: Quests are the best part of this game and its most unique feature. You’re not just mindlessly pulling a handle. You’re advancing an adventure and having fun doing so at the same time.

With 13 unique slot machines, plenty of intriguing quests, and an active Facebook community, you have a lot of fun and gaming to look forward to when you download Slot Spot for your mobile device. The iTunes app store has carried this one for a while and it never stops being a popular download. Recent advancements include sharper graphics and better bonuses.

Pocket Slots

Pocket Slots

Pocket Slots – Big Casino Games in Your Pocket

Slots are one of the most popular casino games for a reason. They’re the type of game that has no learning curve and that anyone can just into and enjoy for the thrill and chance of it. Computer slots have advanced over the years to feature improved graphics and neat creative twists that make them some of the most enjoyable games on the market. Mobile gaming has welcomed the mobile casino as one of its most popular programs. You get all the fun of a real casino in a portable app that can’t be beat.

Pocket Slots is one of the stand-outs in the iTunes store. It features a whopping 28 game line-up of HD slot machine games. HD means better graphics and a more authentic slot machine experience for users. Some have called this game the best iOS slots game on the market. Best of all is that it’s free to download from the iTunes store.

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More about Pocket Slots

Plentiful updates: The creators of Pocket Slots take their job seriously. The crafted their little slot casino to be the best in the business and they continue to update it with loving care. They respect the mobile casino atmosphere and the people who play their games and it shows in the product.

New themes: The theme of a computer slot is often its most important fun factor. Pocket Slots has you covered here, too. One of their most popular themes is a Zombies theme that puts you right in the middle of gambling, slots, and zombie action. It’s a nice touch.

Frequent payouts: They don’t skimp on the payouts, either. You’ll have plenty of chances to win if you just keep pulling that virtual handle and sticking with Pocket Slots. Slots are never any fun if they don’t pay out and Pocket Slots has recognized the need to have fair payouts.

While it’s possible to make Pocket Slots more social, you don’t have to play with others. You can even play without a network from anywhere you have your mobile device powered up and on.

Ace Slots Casino

Ace Slots Casino

Fun Filled Casino Gaming

Ace Slots Casino is a free mobile casino available in the iTunes app store. You’ll find much to love about this prize-filled casino which is considered one of the very best mobile casinos 2015 had to offer. Going into the New Year, it’s certain to continue its position as one of the leaders in the mobile casino industries. The program only continues to get better with time and an ever-growing player base that flocks to Ace Slots for good old-fashioned slots fun. Their main perk is that players earn money during their time in-casino and their time out of casino. As long as this app is on your phone, you’re earning something to go towards your next frantic matches of slots fun.

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More about Ace Slots Casino

Action-packed variety: There are 23 games pre-loaded into Ace Slots and they’re always adding something new. That’s enough variety to appeal to just about every kind of player. No matter what kind of slots player you are, there’s something to love about Ace Slots.

Drop Facebook: Not a Facebook user? Don’t worry. A lot of people prefer to play away from the lack of privacy often experienced on the network. You don’t need a Facebook account to play on Ace Slots and this is a major perk to people who prefer to play away from social networks.

Full content: Unlike many other games that try to sucker you into playing by locking up all their content, Ace Slots gives you every single slot machine up front to choose from. You don’t have to earn your right to play. Downloading the program was enough to qualify you to enjoy everything it has to offer up front, no hidden content included. Ace believes that people play slots because they love them, not because they need to be tricked into unlocking better and better content as they go along. Their happy customers agree.

Great sound and graphics: Ace Slots features some of the best graphics and audio in mobile slots gaming today. You’ll feel like you just stepped right up to a real slot machine once the noise starts going off.

Ace Slots is one of the best slots experience in the app store. Give it a try.

Slots Gone Wild

Slots Gone Wild

Awesome Graphics and Casino Gaming

Slots Gone Wild is a super casino mobile game that runs on a safari theme. Like a safari, the slots are fast-paced and full of adventure for their legion of loyal fans. These slots are unique because of their hand-crafted art that forms the backdrop of the slot machines. Online slots need to mimic their offline slots brethren, but thanks to the magic of technology, they can often surpass the look and feel of offline slots. Thanks to the hard work of creators Avalink Studios, Slots Gone Wild is one of those rare online slots games that really does surpass offline slots in the artwork department.

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More about Slots Gone Wild

Bonus rounds: Don’t stop at just one round. You’ll unlock a series of bonus rounds if you keep faithfully playing on. It’s not hard to do, either, because Slots Gone Wild is a captivating slots experience. Its backgrounds alone are worth playing to see.

Lines: Play as many as 25 lines every spin. This is an extremely high number for even the most average of online casino games. Slots Gone Wild really lives up to its name by pouring on pay lines.

Free spins: In games like this, free spins are valuable. Slots Gone Wild is very generous with its free spins and this keeps many players coming back for more.

Exciting boosters: Boost your winnings to the max by relying on huge boosters dished out during slot games.

This is a short list of features and highlights for Slots Gone Wild but it’s a good representation of what the game has to offer fans of the slots genre. Many players sign up for the lines and stayed for the free spins and gorgeous backgrounds. The safari theme does a lot to win over players because so many slots are bland and uninspired. Not this one. You’ll find plenty of excitement not just in the great graphics but in the pay lines and tons of free spins that Slots Gone Wild throws at its players. The more you play, the more you spin, and the more you win.

Slots Paradise

Slots Paradise

Free Casino App, Tons of Fun

Slots Paradise is an app that was designed for iOS devices in order to give players a collection of free casino games in a convenient format. The multiple slots titles featured all are design with professional visuals and audio, as well as a focus on unique content revolving around the bonuses and jackpots that are included. This app contains tournaments for players to compete in and an aspect that will sync the game with social media so players can share their standings. There are also mini games within the app to add variety to the casino style content.

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More about Slots Paradise

Each slot game is designed with a layout that can be understood by new players. The control panel of the slot allows the player to control the bet amount, the number of paylines, and other various options as they relate to the game. Multiple paylines and 5 reels work to increase payouts with special win combinations and bonuses in the various slots. Additionally, the bonus features are unique in offering mini games or free spins to keep gameplay unpredictable and exciting for the player.

The free casino games also offer unique jackpots in a lottery style that is formatted to award as many players as possible with a large payout. This type of appeal helps to keep the player immersed in certain slots as they play for a chance to win a large sum of coins. For the players who want a more social environment for experience these games, Slots Paradise features tournaments that span the globe and happen at all hours of the day in an effort to include every player who desires to compete.

Slots Paradise links up to a social network format which allows players to share app-related gifts with each other and communicate about the various aspects of the games. Additionally, the app loads and operates smoothly with an internet connection. Players have the freedom to use their free credits or use in-game purchases to buy more credits for extra playtime. The app is presented in a handful of different languages and operates without issues on both the iPhone and the iPad.


ClickFun Casino

Full Casino Social Experience

ClickFun is a mobile app available in the iTunes app store. It lives up to its billing as a premier social casino application that connects millions of users who love to play online casino games with their friends. Compare scores, discuss games, and join an overall fun community of people who love to game for the sake of gaming. There’s a strong connection between ClickFun and Facebook, so if you want to get the most out of the game it’s best to play through your Facebook account. This instantly hooks you up to millions of other Facebook users who have this app on their mobile device. Once you’re connected, you can enjoy the tons of features this app has to offer.

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More about ClickFun Casino

Highlights and Features

Free coins: There’s nothing casino players love more than the idea of free coins. More coins means more spins and more spins means more wins. ClickFun hands out free coins on a daily basis. Better yet, they hand them out hourly.

Leveling: Most casinos don’t offer the RPG-type style of casino play whereby you level up and get perks for it. ClickFun offers this type of level-up system and it adds an element of true joy to the game. Gamers love nothing more than to see those little numbers turn into big numbers. ClickFun makes it a snap with their massive amounts of achievement possibilities. You’ll be leveling up in no time.

Play with friends: ClickFun doesn’t hide the fact that it’s a social casino. Players who frequently play with their friends are going to reap the benefits of this. Share items and level up faster by connecting with friends and creating your own little circle of casino cronies.

Audio and video marvels: Realism isn’t something most people associate with a virtual casino but ClickFun makes it a priority to help you feel like you’re in a hustle and bustle casino the moment you start playing its games. It’s one reason they work so hard to incorporate and reward social play. You’re never alone in a casino. Your buds are there. It’s the same with the ClickFun app.

ClickFun is one of the biggest and most remarkable of all social casino apps and it ranks so high among all online casino games.

Tiny Tower Vegas

Tiny Tower Vegas

Tiny Tower Vegas – Fun and Addicting!

Tiny Tower took the casino games online world by storm when it was first introduced years ago. It was a simple but highly addictive builder Sim that let gamers slowly or quickly add new floors to their blossoming towers. Soon everyone was in the on the fun. Today the game continues to evolve and get brand new spin offs and this time iTunes has one of the best versions yet. It’s a Tiny Tower that puts you right in the heart of Vegas.

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More about Tiny Tower Vegas

Highlights and Features

Casino building: Manage your own growing Casino at your own pace. Every casino needs its fair share of action and if you’re going to succeed, you’ll need to give travelers a place to play games, eat, and grab other varieties of entertainment. To have the best tower, bring in as much as possible.

Bux building: Amassing bux is the name of the game here. These nifty betting chips unlock the potential of your casino empire.

Customization is king: Without customization, every tower looks the same as it grows. You’ve got powers like never before in Tiny Tower Vegas. Show off your own personalized tower to friends or take a peek at theirs. To do this, you’ve got to splash some color on the walls and building. As your tower grows, so does your ability to use Bux for customization options. There’s more here than in any other Tiny Tower game before it.

Many people are heralding this as a better version of the original Tiny Tower and that statement holds some weight. While it’s still an 8-bit adventure because that’s what gives Tiny Tower its charm in the first place, you’ll find that there are many new customization options and bugs worked out of the original that make this a superior building management experience. Newcomers to Tiny Tower still get the same down-home charm of the original without all the bugs that plagued the first version. It’s no wonder that so many people who love slots and other casino games are flocking to download this on iTunes and find out what the mobile, multiplayer fun is all about. Casino games online don’t get any better than this.

Video Poker Games

Video Poker Games

Video Poker Games App Has Many Features That Other Poker App’s Don’t

There are many casino games free out there for Apple products available in the App Store. Video Poker Games is one of them. When playing the Video Poker Games app you are able to experience a wide array of different features.

When playing Video Poker Games app you won’t have trouble when it comes to your game play being slow because it is always fast. If you would like your games to go fast you can change your game play speed to fast and if you would prefer for them to go slow there is a feature for that too.

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More about Video Poker Games

Do you want an app that allows you to earn free game credits? Game credits increase up to five times during each and every round and you won’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of your pocket money on them. Being able to get free game credits is not something that is available in most games out there, So if you are really interested in having a game that allows you to get free credits than you will most likely love this App.

There are many different poker games you can play with this app. Some of the games you can play are Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild, Double Deuces Wild, and many others. Most of the other poker game apps out there don’t have this many games to play in one app to choose from. This means if you get tired of playing the same poker game you can switch it up.

Another feature of this game is that you can hold down multiple cards at a time by sliding your fingers across them. This app works along with Game Center and allows you to earn achievements. For example, if you get a royal flush you will be accepted into the royal flush club in Game Center. It is always rewarding to earn achievements when playing any app. So if you are looking for new casino games free you will most likely enjoy spending time playing on the Video Poker Games app.

BlackJack Run

Blackjack Run

Test Your BlackJack Skills

BlackJack Run doesn’t do anything to revolutionize the time-tested classic version of BlackJack. It simply makes the game appealing for a new generation of people. You still attempt to get the high score without going over 21, but now you can do it on all new platforms. Instead of cards, now it’s your iPhone or even Apple Watch. People have been very excited that at least one of the casino online games is paying attention to the new Apple Watch platform. Now thanks to an update, you can get BlackJack Run on your Apple watch, too.

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More about Blackjack Run

Same formula, new platforms: BlackJack Run is available in the iTunes store across all major Apple platforms. Grab it for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, iPhone 6 and even iPhone 6 Plus. As previously mentioned, it was just released for the Apple Watch which is even more exciting to think of. The makers have taken a great deal of time to make their game as accessible as possible. That’s good news for Blackjack fans.

Purchase additional levels: You get one level that offers classic BlackJack fun and most people will be content with this. But if you’re feeling really daring and in the mood to game, there are 47 extra levels you can buy. It’s up to the player. The first level is always free.

Scorekeeping: Everyone loves to keep score. BlackJack Run keeps track of top 20 scores for each level of play. This scorekeeper feature is especially important for people who aren’t content just to win or lose. It’s a nice feature to have if players want the option of keeping track of progress. The makers automatically add the #1 score to GameCenter, a place where scores are generally stored.

This exciting new generation Blackjack app is free to download and comes with the option to purchase additional game levels and perks. Keep in mind that the first level is always free and you don’t have to pay for anything, but many players discover that Blackjack Run is one of those rare games worth spending a few dollars on.

Governor of Poker Lite

Governor of Poker Lite

If you love to play poker, then Governor of Poker Lite is a game that you might just fall in love with. With this online poker game, you play against computer opponents in the Wild Wild West. One of the things that makes Governor of Poker Lite much different than your average online poker game is the fact that once you win money, you have something to do with it.

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More about Governor of Poker Lite

When starting the game, you are given a choice to play a real game of poker or a quick game. Starting in a small town by the name of San Saba, your cash, reputation, current location and amount of days played is all located at the bottom of your screen. If you look at the top of your screen you will see your menu, which allows you to view a map of Texas, your options, statistics, rewards, and quit buttons.

You make money in many different ways in GOP, but the best way to do so is by playing poker. If you want to begin a game of poker, all you have to do is look for a cowboy with a spinning circle located above his head. Whenever you win money, you can use that money to purchase property. For every single property you purchase, you can rent them out each day. Your overall goal is to buy all the houses in town, then sell them once you run out of money.

It has been said that Governor of Poker Lite is a definite must play if you enjoy poker with a twist. There are instructions available to people who have no idea how to play Texas Hold em’ which is the main game that is played on Governor of Poker lite.

You can expect the game to begin with 8 players and a dealer. The first 3 minutes will lead to you only playing with 4 players. There is a features in the tournaments called Fold and Skip. This options means that you no longer have to wait for the computer players to slowly take their turns to complete a hand. You can just fold and go on to the next round if that is what you choose to do.

Although the lite version, Governor of Poker Lite is a great way to start your new journey to Poker with a twist. It has a great platform, extravagant game play, and it’s a new way to enjoy one of the most fun games in casino online free games.


myVegas 21

If you enjoy playing the occasional game of blackjack then you’ll definitely get a kick out of myVegas 21. Not only is it absolutely free to get started with this mobile application, but it’s free to play and earn rewards that can be redeemed for personal use in the world renowned Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re familiar with the original myVegas mobile and PC applications then you know exactly what it’s about, but if you don’t know what myVegas is at all then you’ll be pleased to know that it is one of the most exciting casino mobile games available for download.

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More about myVegas 21

One thing users will take to liking about this particular myVegas mobile application is that it does not take up a significant amount of storage, nor does it use large amounts of data. Upon launching the mobile game players are rewarded once every 24 hours with free chips to play with. Although these chips are considered play money they aren’t completely worthless to users. As you progress your way to higher levels through experience you’ll get to earn “gold chips”, and these gold chips can be redeemed for great prizes in specific casinos and resorts located in Las Vegas. You can also earn more gold chips by acquiring a higher experience level, and the only way to do that is by using your play money and playing more often.

Earn Real Rewards on Mobile Casino Game

So for those that enjoy playing casino mobile games this is an absolute must! There is no financial risk involved to take part in myVegas action and earn real rewards. You can also sync your myVegas 21 account with your myVegas slots account to combine your gold chips so you can earn Las Vegas redeemable rewards a lot quicker. Besides the free perks, the visual quality, response time and win percentage are immaculate. If you’re ready for a free and entertaining way to gamble and earn real rewards with the feel of a Las Vegas casino then this application awaits your download and install. What are you waiting for?

Gala Casino

Gala Casino

This easy to use, state of the art casino uses Playtech software to help create a place for gamblers who enjoy high quality slots, tables and progressive games. Gala Casino isn’t your average casino, and compared to many others there is something extra special about this online casino that everyone should experience. Users can easily install this casino on their mobile devices, and or play the flash version. This well-known respected gambling brand is operated out of the UK and has been a part of the industry for years.

More about Gala Casino

It’s hard to find a casino that offers hundreds of games and is still well organized. Gala Casino is not only versatile and full of variety, it has a clean interface, and an easy to navigate platform. The graphics are cutting edge, and the sound quality is more than just amazing. You will have no other choice but to enjoy the intense colors and well-designed games and slots.
When it comes to online casinos, they tend to vary in size. Gala Casino isn’t the largest but it most definitely is one of the more popular casinos. It offers over 300 diverse table and slot games, and there is more than enough to keep the attention of the gambler.

Powerful Casino Mobile Software

Slot players can enjoy 5-reel video slots, 3-reel video slots, or progressive slots with large jackpots at stake. The slots play on some of the most popular characters such as Kink Kong, Fantastic Four, Hulk Series, Pink Panther, Rocky and Gladiator.

Video poker and tables are available, along with different variations of roulette and blackjack. There is an option to play premium Roulette, and the spinning wheel can be spun from different angles making the experience very surreal.

One of the things that make Gala Casino stand out is their live dealers. Players can play Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat or casino Hold’em with a live dealer. Players can converse with the dealer giving it that ultimate casino feel.

Gala Casino offers a range of different secure and fast banking methods, and they all include USD, GBP, EUR.

Gala Casino offers great welcome bonuses to new customers who want to get their feet wet. They offer a $25 free, no deposit bonus, as well as a deposit match bonus with your first two deposits up to $500.

Gala Casino is a little different from some of the online casinos. When it comes to having a loyalty program, they stepped outside of the box and offered players 1 comp point for every $10 they play on any game in the casino. Once the player has accumulated 100 points, they can then redeem for cash.

When it comes to playing UK casinos online, it’s all about finding one that is going to offer the most for your plays. Gala Casino is definitely in it to win it, and you should be as well.

Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino

When it comes to online gambling, the UK has become overwhelmed with so many different choices. There are so many options when it comes to casinos online UK that most people are left in a quandary. It can be a daunting situation to try and find a reputable casino that is suitable for your tastes, bankroll and style of play. But the Grosvenor Casino might be a good option if you are looking for a professional and safe place to gamble online.

More about Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casino is UK’s biggest casino brand, and is very well known across the UK due to its 56 land based casinos across the UK area. Owned and operated by Rank Group, it doesn’t rely on just one single provider to supply its games. It uses multiple different casino software’s that include but are not limited to IGT, Playtech, Aristocrat, OpenBet, Novomatic, and Virtual Fusion.

Real Money Mobile Casino

Grosvenor Casinos offers hundreds of games, and includes over 200 different slots. If you are looking for variety then you will definitely get it with Grosvenor Casino. When playing at Grosvenor Casino, players have the benefit of trying new games from different providers that you might not have ever heard of. There are tons of progressive slots, and the top jackpots pay up to 1.5 million dollars.

Table games aren’t off limits here at the Grosvenor either. If you are into the table games, then get ready to play your favorites right from your device. Blackjack, and Roulette are just a couple of examples offered at the Grosvenor Casino. Players can get their hands dirty by engaging in Russian Roulette, Classic European Roulette, and Pinball Roulette.

One of the things players enjoy at this mobile casino is the fact that they are accommodated when it comes to betting limits. Small and large stakes players are able to find the right stakes game for their betting style.

With Grosvenor’s established presence and long history, no one leaves feeling as if they aren’t being treated fairly.

Although there aren’t many options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money, they still offer flexible ways to make it happen. If you live in the UK, then you are more prone to easier depositing methods. But the one thing they do offer is a single wallet, which allows you to keep one single account for Grosvenor online casino and land based casinos.

No casino is complete without a loyalty program. The more you play, the more you get back. There are different games that offer points at different rates. Every time you earn 100 points, you will get 1 GBP in comps. Players who play often can accumulate many points and qualify for luxury hotel getaways, and high priced gifts like iPads.

There is so much being offered by the Grosvenor that you just have to see it for yourself. Compared to other casinos online UK, this casino is all about making sure you have a great time doing what you love.



BetVictor isn’t your everyday online casino. Being in the business for over 60 years has put this casino at the top of its game. Using state of the art software from various providers, users trust this infrastructure so much that they continue to come back for more.

BetVictor Casino is available instantly and also as a downloadable app for your mobile devices. With over 500 games to play, and a large variety of table and slot games, players have a hard time running out of things to play.

More about BetVictor

Whether you want to play tables, casino games, sports betting or just slots, BetVictor Casino has it all. You will never get bored, nor will you ever run out of games to play. BetVictor Casino has over 600 games, making it one of the largest online casinos in the world.

Play For Real Money on the Go

Slot choices range from Classic-3-reel slots to progressive games with huge jackpots. If you are ever unsure about a game that you know nothing about, you can take advantage of the demo videos for each game in the casino. There are “more information” tabs located at each game so that players can read and find out what the game is about before playing for real money.

Players who are accustomed to playing in casinos know that it is normal practice to offer a welcome bonus, which is exactly what BetVictor does, but with a twist. BetVictor make players earn their bonus by wagering their own money. Giving a total of 5,000GBP within 30 days of signing up will give you a three part bonus:

£25 bonus after you wager £500
£50 additional after you wager another £1,500
£100 additional after you wager another £3000

Terms and conditions apply to bonuses, 18+.

Many online and land based casinos offer some type of loyalty program. Unfortunately BetVictor Casino does not. But they do offer weekly member bonuses that range between 5 GBP to 3,000 GBP.
BetVictor Casino has tons of special promotions that are open to all players. Limited time only offers pop up all the time to keep you coming back, as well as to get new players to join the fun. Promotional offers such as game of the week and 10 GBP Bonuses are just a few that make BetVictor Casino the best casino online.

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino is made available for iOS devices as a free casino app that will allow players to enjoy their favorite games from the convenience of anywhere. The casino features many different styles of games, as well as various jackpots and bonuses for certain titles. This content is complemented by frequently occurring promotions and services that are designed to keep players coming back and staying satisfied with their experience at the casino.

More about Royal Vegas

The slot games offered at Royal Vegas Casino are designed by popular developers such as Mircorgaming and Rabcat, with an emphasis on simple use and extra features. These free casino slots feature the usual wild and scatter symbols, with additional bonus games including free spins and multipliers that enhance payouts. Advanced players can also take advantage of the expert options like autoplay and max bet to further personalize how each game can be played. Certain titles include a progressive jackpot that will constantly increase in number until somebody hits the right combination to win it.

Mobile Slot and Casino Gaming

This casino app also offers players video poker selections and table games, each with their own variations and styles that were made popular by real-world predecessors. Both blackjack and roulette are available through the mobile casino, with the popular European style of both games being a highlight. These games can be enjoyed solo or also with other actual players from across the globe with the live dealer feature. Regardless of budget size, the casino provides betting options that specifically cater to every type of player level.

Royal Vegas Casino is available in multiple languages with customer support available on a 24/7 basis. The app also lets new players take advantage of a welcome bonus that will match the initial deposit and 2 following deposits for up to $1200 in free credits. In the case that the player does decide to place real money bets, Royal Vegas Casino will provide many options to deposits funds or withdraw payments. Every payment undergoes a pending period during which the player is able to cancel the transaction if they change their mind about processing funds.

Europa Casino

Europa Casino

Full Casino Feature Available for Mobile

When it comes to Europe and its diversity, it is the place where everyone wants to flock to. It’s a place for sophisticated travelers who enjoy indulging in new and exotic things such as food, music and drinks. Europa Casino is a mobile casino app that many stay at home casino lovers have come to love. The quality in which this app was made is something to brag about, and it has given other mobile casino apps a run for their money.

More about Europa Casino

This app currently has players from around the world, and it continues to add even more players from places such as Canada, Australia, and Central America. One of the things that makes this mobile app stand out is the fact that it is programmed in 13 different languages and has the ability to cater to others on an international level.

Over the past ten years, Europa Casino has been developed and grown by the same people who molded Titan Casino, Tropez, and Imperial E-Club. This casino like the others listed above uses state of the art software, which is made by Playtech. It also uses ABFSRC (Antigua & Barbuda Financial Services Regulatory Commission. This commission checks the standard of fairness in online casinos, making sure that players are being treated fairly. Europa Casino is also tested through Gaming Laboratories International, which is a company that tests games independently for quality assurance purposes.

Europa Casino is not only a place where gamblers can access their favorite casino games, it’s also a safe place where they can get money management tips through the Gaming Aware program they offer.

When it comes to playing Europa Casino, users can choose between three different options:

mobile device
no-download flash version
Downloadable software

As a Europa Casino player, you can expect tons of different features, and tons of different games. The game options are practically endless and the bonus options will keep you coming back. Whether you are looking for a great loyalty program, or you want to take advantage of the welcome bonuses, there is practically nothing you won’t find during your time at Europa Casino.

There is so much to experience when it comes to Europa Casino. And with the exciting bonuses and the minimum deposit amount only being $20, it’s no wonder this online casino is becoming more and more popular.

Cleopatra's Slot Machine

Cleopatra’s Slot Machine

The Cleopatra slot, created and designed by big gaming developers IGT, features the charming Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. The game is entertaining and fascinating as you experience the mysteries of the ancient Egypt on a trip down the Nile. The exciting part is that you can play Cleopatra Slots free. Here is a vivid description that reveals more about the game.

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More about Cleopatra’s Slot Machine

Unlike regular slots that have three reels, this game has five reels. There are 20 paylines for you to bet and every coin you drop into the slots activates a particular payline. The game has 20 paylines, and you can bet 1-5 credits on each pay line, for instance, click the “1 PER LINE BUTTON” to bet 1 credit on all 20-lines or the “2 PER LINE” button to bet 2 credits on all 20-lines. There is a “BET MAX” button, and you can click it to bet the maximum, which are 5 credits on every payline. When you do not wish to bet on all the paylines, just click to the right or left of the payline that you want to bet on. To spin the reels, click the “PLAY” button.

Big Reels and Paylines

Several features will help you increase your winnings for instance, the wild and scatter symbol. The Sphinx represents the Scatter symbol, and if three or more of this symbol appears on the reels, it activates the slots free spin bonus round that includes 15 free spins.

There are different modes that players can choose from which are:
• Low mode-smoothest animation performance, but degraded graphics
• Medium mode-low quality, but better performance
• High mode this is the default mode that has excellent graphics and performance settings
• Best mode in this mode the graphics are at their best, but performance may be compromised

A player can adjust the quality of graphics as they wish and may control the audio by clicking the “ON” or “OFF” options.

Slots Social Casino App

Slots Social

Playport Inc. is not just another app development company, it’s a company that knows how to deliver high quality casino slots to your iPhone or iPad. This intense, stimulated gambling app is one of a kind and offers users a functional place to play over 30 different, exciting games for absolutely FREE. If you are into gambling online, or just enjoy playing slots for free, then you more than likely will enjoy playing Social Casino.

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More about Slots Social

Social Casino is a social gambling app that allows players to play in a social atmosphere. You can connect through Facebook, and socialize with existing friends. Users can also challenge and compete with worldwide players making Social Casino one of the top social gaming apps on the market.

Being able to utilize your apps from more than one device is what makes playing with a flexible app fun and flexible. Social Casino has Playport Connect, which allows users to log-in from different devices at any time, giving you access no matter what device you might be using at that particular time.

High Quality Mobile Gaming Experience

When it comes to playing Social Casino, it’s all about playing and ranking high. There are weekly ranking challenges that lets you compete against worldwide players, as well as your friends. Players can rank by World, Country, Friends, or Followers, making the entire experience universal, and exciting all at the same time.

Although Social Casino is an app that is played just for fun, it still offers free bonuses just like any real casino does. Players can take advantage of daily bonuses, hourly bonuses, as well as follower bonuses. This app delivers “Lucky Time” item to help players increase their luck for Bigger Wins, and Jackpots. And with the real time Mega Jackpots, players will have fun playing for hours on end

If you are looking for a bold, new way to play slots for free online, then Social Casino just might be the app that gives the thrill you seek.

Huuuge Casino & Slots

Huuuge Casino & Slots

Casino Classics Available on Mobile Devices

Huuuge Casino is definitely one of a kind when it comes to online casinos. It offers great slots with a huge experience. Players can take advantage of casino games filled with Bonus Jackpots, Free Spins, and Big wins.

One of the things that makes Huuuge Casino great is that all you have to do is put it on your phone, and it’s like have Las Vegas right in your back pockets. You can enjoy the world’s favorite slot machines and casino games from any place in the world.

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More about Huuuge Casino & Slots

Some of the best mobile casinos games and slot machines can be played at Huuuge Casino with a click of a button. With multi player experiences, players can not only play slots alone, they can easily interact with other players as well.

If you have ever played classics like Zeus, Pharaoh, or Dracula, then more than likely you know exactly what you would get. Huuge has integrated all of these games for lovers like you. Not only can you enjoy the classics, you can test out some of the newer slots such as Lucky Farm, Vegas Nights, Dogs, Cats, Dragon Fire, and Thrones.

One of the things that makes Huuuge Casino a great place to play is the fact that they continue to add new slots every week, giving players options, and keeping you happy during your jackpot chase.

Although Huuuge Casino doesn’t offer real money, or an opportunity to win real money, it’s still an amazing place to not only have fun, but to enhance your skills in some of the table games.

Huuuge Casino is for players who have a passion for gambling in Vegas. This online casino has been developed to mimic the addictive city by creating an environment that makes you feel as if you are really in Vegas. With the colorful eccentric lights, and sounds, it’s hard to tell that you are even playing online.

If your love is in Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Baccarat, then Huuuge Casino is the perfect place for you to be.


Unibet Casino

Online Games for Real Money

Unibet Casino: Spin City is one of the few licensed betting mobile casinos in the world that lets you play online games for real money. Real money stakes means more intense fun and that’s exactly the kind of attitude Unibet takes about both gaming and its own app. It is so thorough in its casino action that it won the IGA App Awards highly revered “App of the Year” award. This is definitely a “city” worth visiting if you’re a fan of betting real money online.

More about Unibet

Free tokens: Free tokens are a welcome sight if you’re going to put down real money on these games. Unibet Casino greets you with as many as 10 free tokens just for signing up. Once you’ve signed up, it’s time for the real fun to start.

Huge games: The games are the hallmark of any good casino and Unibet is fully stocked with the classics. You’ve got Treasure Island and Big Bad Wolf, to name just a couple of the games that await you. It’s classic fare for an audience hungry for the best that online casinos have to offer.

Traditional casino games: All the standard games are here but they’re done to perfection in this app. Roulette, dice games, and poker are just a few of the standard games you’ll find at this casino.

The goal of Unibet is simple. They want you to feel like you just stepped into a real casino with cash in your hand. The odds might be stacked against you, but the thrill of playing makes it worth it. The stakes are high but Unibet is there with you all the way to give you incentives to keep betting. Because you’ll be betting real money, you must be 18 to download and play any games on Unibet: Spin City. Depending on how much you deposit after sign-up, you’ll get up to 10 free tokens. Unibet is officially licensed to allow online players to legally bet online. They’re regulated and take great pride in their business and especially their app.

GSN Casino

GSN Casino

The Latest in Mobile Gaming

GSN Casino is a fun free app for IPhone and IPad using IOS 7.0 or higher. This app has many game show options with a twist of slots, poker, and bingo. It offers an entertaining twist of Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal, and American Buffalo Slots. This Game Show Network app lets players have a turn at popular game shows with a twist of casino games all wrapped in one.

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More about GSN Casino

Wheel Of Fortune game lets players gamble for the big jackpot. Go toe to toe with the banker of Deal or No Deal to win numerous tokens. The game allows players to learn over one thousands ways to win at slots while playing American Buffalo. These combined games with casino entertainment will give players hours of exciting game time.

The graphics of the app are designed to look and feel like a Vegas Casino with a spiced up game show combined all into one. The GSN Casino app has many more games for players to enjoy. Video Bingo offers players a chance to gain prizes to get a triple bingo. The fun does not stop there. Video Poker will allow players to reach over 200,000 in poker. Enjoy Deuces Wild, Classic 777, and Undersea Treasure slots to earn numerous tokens.

There are several ways that players can have access to play all these games. Either login and play as a guest, connect with Facebook, or interact by using GSN website. You can play all these games anytime, and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

The casino on net has thousands of hours of casino game playing all wrapped into one. Adults will enjoy playing online with other players winning the prizes. This app is great for beginners, or intermediate players. No need to worry about putting real money into your account because the games are intended for fun and not real monetary gambling. The app is updated regularly to ensure players get the most experience out of each game. Customer Support is available if needed at any time when playing these wonderful casino games.

Imagine Poker

Imagine Poker

Play Against Historic Icons

Poker remains one of the most popular wagering games in the entire world. Even when playing for fun on an Apple iOS app is still engaging. Looking at a generic green (virtual) felt poker table can get a little dull. Thanks to the designers who came up with Imagine Poker, a decidedly intriguing new spin on Texas Hold’em has emerged.

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More about Imagine Poker

No, the game itself has not changed. The traditional rules of Texas Hold’em still apply. What has changed? Interesting characters from literature and history are going to be the player’s opponents. No, that is not a sly joke. Players really do get to place their bets and vie strategies with some interesting characters – one of whom is Abraham Lincoln!

More menacing historical figures are present and they include Blackbeard the Pirate and the notorious Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Mona Lisa makes an appearance and she looks as elegant on the screen as she does in her actual famous painting. Probably the most interesting of all characters brought to life for the game is Little Red Riding Hood. The legendary Grimm Brothers’ character was not known for gambling, but there she is now in the screen. For those who want to deal with a very menacing character, Dracula is free to play. “Nice guy” Robin Hood is also available.

The character come to life thanks to the excellent graphics and software development that went into creating this casino game. Imagine Poker does not require players to imagine much since what you see, as the saying goes, is what you get on screen. The characters are right there for the player to view.

The look of the characters is a lot like classic cartoon animation, which many older players will appreciate. The sharp colors and details does make the opposing players quite realistic looking, too. This aids in crafting a suspension of disbelief allowing the player to really get into the game.

The actual Texas Hold’em game operates in the same manner that would be similar to other games although the unique nature of this one allows it to stand out.

Caesars Slots

Caesars Slots

Huge Selection of Titles

Try your luck with a fun casino app called Caesars Slots. This unique app will give you the option to play in Vegas without leaving home. Caesars Slots is established in Caesars Casino as a virtual slots online game. That app is available on any IPhone, IPod Touch, or IPad running IOS 6 or higher. This free app not only has the design and atmosphere of a real Vegas Casino, but also numerous slots to play.

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More about Caesars Slots

This action packed app allows players to win big jackpots, receive bonuses, and spin the wheel for more winning prizes. There is no limits to the free coins, and jackpots that can be won if your luck is right. Just to name a few of the many slots players can enjoy are Lions Roar, Elvis, and Lucky in Paris slots. This online Vegas adventure let’s players interact with other players to compete in the winning jackpots.

The app allows players to connect with Facebook, brag about their earnings, enter into contest to win more prizes, when free gifts, and invite friends to join you in the fun. Another great feature about this app is when you connect using Facebook you automatically win 25,000 coins for free. Just when you thought the fun would end think again. Every four hours the daily and Lobby bonuses are given away to lucky players. The real life Vegas atmosphere will lure you in once you play these fascinating online slots in a virtual setting.

Anyone who is 21 years of age or older can download the app and start playing today. The casino slot games are intended for entertainment and fun. You can start your luck and continue to win all day long with the many offers that are available. The games are updated regularly to keep the players satisfied and the games up to date. Support is also available anytime for players who may need some assistance or have questions on how to play the games. Download this free fun app and start earning your winnings today. There is many options to increase your earning potential.

Heart of Vegas

Heart of Vegas

Over 5 Million Downloads

Heart of Vegas is a more adult mobile casino that represents the more sophisticated line-up of free slots online apps flooding into the iTunes app store. Unlike other versions of adult casinos, though, Heart of Vegas boasts a strong member base that totals over 5 million downloads around the world. It takes a lot for a casino app to reach that level of popularity, but Heart of Vegas knows how to draw the gambling crowd in and keep their attention. They do so with a flood of great games, superior customer service, and an update frequency that shows customers they’re cared for.

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More about Heart of Vegas

2 million bonus: Grab 2 million coins just for signing on to download and try the game. If that’s not enough incentive, there’s plenty in the way of jackpots to keep customers happy.

Frequent payouts: The best way to keep an online slots crowd is to give them fair jackpots. No one wants to sit there pulling a slot machine lever and win nothing. It doesn’t matter if the slot machine is online or offline, eventually it should pay off. Heart of Vegas makes sure that their slots are fair and square.

Great games: 50 Lions is one of the most popular games on Heart of Vegas. It represents a truly classic line-up of games that is sure to please even the pickiest of gamblers. Add in a few unique picks like Where’s the Gold and Dolphin Treasure and you’ve got a steady stream of terrific games to choose from. You’ll never get bored.

Daily Wheel: The daily wheel is there to spin for those who stay loyal and play the game. You’ll get tons of daily bonuses and earn the right to play even more.

Devoted fans: You’re joining a large community of gamers who already love Heart of Vegas. Joining this group of people gives you the chance to keep up with who’s winning.

Keep in mind that there’s no real money involved in Heart of Vegas. You won’t win money but you’ll win big fun.

Mirrorball Slots

Mirrorball Slots

Millions of Players Worldwide

Step up to a million strong community of online slots players who are dead serious about Mirrorball. The game boasts a huge millions-strong crowd of Facebook fans that are eager to share their victories with other hungry slots players. This is the best that slots online free has to offer. Mirrorball continues to win people over with its impressive list of features. You’ll come for the sign-up bonus but stay for the always thrilling line-up of one of a kind games. They’ve got all the old favorites like Treasure Island and Big Bad Wolf, but there’s an always intriguing list of new games that appeal to the more adventurous player.

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More about Mirroball Slots

Other features of Mirrorball Slots

Crazy multipliers: We all know how fun multipliers can be. It’s like winning a little but receiving a lot. The surprises never stop in this fast-paced and fun online slots game. Score gems and keep going.

People love this game: The million-plus Facebook fans are eager to share their love of this game. That speaks for itself. When you get good scores from that many people, you’re doing something right. It’s a sure sign that Mirrorball has won over a hard to please pack of slots players.

2000 free coins: If you sign-up, you get 2000 free coins instantly. There’s no need to wait. The minute your free coins are added, spin away. There’s no time like the present to download and have fun.

New free coin bonuses: Mirrorball knows how to please its gamers. They invite all players to check the lobby frequently to see if there are more free coins to be had. More often than not, you’ll score a big round of free coins and then the fun begins all over again.

Challenges: Games aren’t any fun unless there are challenges. The team at Mirrorball challenge their players every week with new goals and achievements to unlock still more great sections of the game. There’s always something amazing just around the corner when you keep digging into this iTunes gem.

No matter how experienced or new you are at online slots, there’s a good chance you’ll love Mirrorball from the beginning.

Best Casino Slots

Best Casino Slots

Try Online Casino Gaming for Free

There are many Australian online slots games out there that are fun to play. The Apple App Store offers many of these slot games. A lot of other Apps in the App Store don’t come with a whole lot of features but this one does.

Best Casino Slots is the best app to download if you are looking for a game that offers a lot of bonus features. You have chances to earn free coins daily in best casino apps. Which defeats the need for you to have to pay out of your pocket in order to continue to play. Coin bonuses happen every 4 hours in Best Casino Slots.

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More about Best Casino Slots

If you ever get bored playing the same old games in an Australian online slots game than Best Casino Slots would be a good choice for you. This app offers exciting bonus games for you to play when you seem to have had enough of the other games in the app.

If you like jackpot machines then you will be happy to know that there are progressive jackpot machines within this app. Just when you thought best casino slots had it all you will come across one of their special events.

There are many different slot games to choose from. There Caribbean Vacation which will make you feel like you are in paradise well playing your favorite game of slots. For the people who would like to take a journey out west there is the Wild West Slot. However, if you are addicted to sweet’s and candies you can indulge in playing the sweet factory slot machine.

Best Casino Slots is made by Diwip Ltd and offered in the iOS Apple App Store. It’s designed for both iPad and iPhone. It is exactly the same as the Best Casino Slots game on Facebook. So whether you are looking for the same App you usually play on Facebook or you are just interested in trying a new slot machine app you won’t be disappointed with Best Casino Slots and all it has to offer.

Fullhouse Casino

Full House Casino

The Full House Casino App is Intriguing

With a moniker like the “Full House Casino”, people are going to be drawn to this Apple iOS App. A “full house” is a pretty good hand to draw in poker and often means a win. With the Full House Casino, those who use the app and its platform are going to be winners because this is a well-designed virtual gaming emporium loaded with solid graphics and a great selection of games – two traits players are going to be very interested in taking advantage of.

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More about Full House Casino

The selection of games is quite extensive. All the classic tables games someone would expect to find at a casino are here. Blackjack and Baccarat fans surely won’t be disappointed. As the name suggests, poker options are available and they will provide a lot of fun and enjoyment. Slots, however, many be the big attraction for this casino. The arrival of the “Treasure of Maya” slot further enhances the selections available with the game.

The rich colors on all the slots provide graphics with an animated movie-like feel. Most assuredly, the slot experience is not visually or aesthetically dull. Similar bold colors and sharp graphics are presented on the other top slot, “Beauty and the Beast”, a slot that is going to appeal to fans of that classic story. The slot games really do come alive and that is a nice plus.

The arrival of the “Jackpot Notice System” further adds to the experience of playing at the Full House Casino. Features such as these do allow the app to stand apart for more boring and generic game platforms. The inclusion of a host of features definitely keeps game play engaging, something that adds to the overall excitement of gaming sessions. Mobile casinos UK players do not want to find their gaming sessions to be anything less than thrilling. With this casino, thanks to its gaming selection and features, the experience is always going to be fun and rewarding.

Slots Craze

Slots Craze

Big Bonuses and Gameplay

Slot Craze is an online casino app that has the appeal of playing in a Vegas Casino. The app is designed to be downloaded on an IPad and IPhone that is running IOS 7 or higher. The app is made for people who want the casino experience of playing slot machines but do not want to travel to do so. The slots games are free all the time, and give players many winning options to enjoy. Some of the games offered are Money Heat and Robin Hood, Mustang Money, Dragon Hood, and many more.

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More about Slots Craze

The opportunities are endless when playing the variety of slot games that are available. The jackpots are big, bonuses are numerous, and prizes are endless. Testing your skill at these fun games will give any player a casino experience with the touch of a finger. Enjoy the experience of increasing levels, maximize your winnings, and play with other players for a unique setting. The more a player exceeds the increase in winnings, prizes, and bonuses can occur. Try your luck at the variety of games offered and see which ones if not all are good fit.

The slots online Australia gives players the opportunity to improve their gaming skill, or learn as a beginner. There is no set level a player needs to be in order to play these slot games. The games are updated regularly to keep the fast loading experience for players to enjoy. The Slot Craze layout will give each player the feel of the high class Vegas atmosphere without the hassle of loan sharks. The games are set for adult players and the entertainment of limitless winnings.

Try out this free app today and get your enjoyment of playing high and winning big. The slot games can be played anywhere on your own time. The slot games are designed to enhance playing with each play. There is no set level of person who can begin these games. If you are a first time player, or a frequent player the fun will be an unforgettable experience. The games are designed for playing fun.

Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino

Play For Real Money Today

Real money UK mobile casinos are rare in the world of mobile gaming due to licensing restrictions. Game makers have to put more time, money, and effort into ensuring that their applications are secure enough to handle monetary transactions as well as legally fit to do so. Virgin Casino is one of those rare, perfect mobile applications that bring the world of real gambling into the iTunes app store.

Mobile gambling: Mobile applications have stringent requirements for real money gambling and Virgin Casino met every one of them head on. They’ve put together a mobile gaming casino that is unlike any other in its huge cash bonuses and real gambling flavor. It’s a real force in the iTunes store.

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$100 on the table: When you sign up, you have the opportunity to hit something called the “Hot Streak” for as much as $100 in true cash back. That’s not free chips or spins. That’s cold, hard cash. This money is transferred to your account in a week if you’re lucky enough to grab the hot streak.

Secure: Don’t worry about your payment information when it’s in the hands of mobile. They use encryption and other expensive security measures to keep you payment information and money safe.

Low betting thresholds: It’s natural to be skeptical about mobile gambling with real money at first, so Virgin helped its customers by offering extremely low betting thresholds on their popular slot machines. You can bet for as little as a penny. That compels many gamblers to jump into the action and discover the real fun.

Easy withdrawals: Your money is there when you want it. You’ve got access to it 24/7. That’s security.

You’ll discover a huge array of games to enjoy, too. Virgin Casino keeps all of your favorites open 24-hours a day thanks to the new mobile app that you can take with you wherever you go. Play in long lines while waiting. Enjoy a game or two if there’s a boring meeting going on around you. The fun is up to you.

Expekt Casino

Expekt Casino

Slots and Table Games on the Go

Expekt Casino is an app made for IPad and IPhone that are running IOS 7 or higher. The online casino sites UK has many games for online and virtual players to enjoy. This casino gaming app offers games for slot machines, and table games for players to enjoy. The variety this app has will give each player a unique gaming experience with choices for all types of players.

The app is created to give each player the look and feel of being in a real casino, and the gaming design also offers that same unique atmosphere. Players can play the games from anywhere and at any time as long as they have the right device and connection. New Players who begin playing will receives bonuses of 250 to start out with. Each game offers a demo to try out before playing for the real thing.

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There are over 150 games to choose from and the games keep increasing regularly or more player choices. This huge variety will give players fun for months to come. Some of the options are blackjack, poker, slot machines, and roulette. Play Mega Fortune, Starburst, and Gonzo’s Quest just to name a few. Transactions are secure and safe with many options to choose from. Players can use Skills, Play Safe, Credit Card and many other options for limitless fun. The app offers payouts in a secure and fast manner with the option to win bonuses and other promotional opportunities.

The players who can download the app need to be at least 17 years of age. The casino is designed for entertainment as well as winning money with each play. There is no set type of player who can play. The games can be played by frequent players and beginners who want to try their luck at the casino without having to leave home to enjoy it. The fun design of each game will enhance the virtual playing field with each choice of game played. The opportunities are endless and will leave players coming back for more.


World Series of Poker

World Series of Poker App is Like Real Life Poker

When looking for a casino mobile UK game you will be surprised to know that they offer a World Series of Poker game that is available for the iPad and iPhone. It is offered in the Apple App Store. So if you are looking for a realistic poker game than this World Series of Poker app would be perfect for you.

When playing the World Series of Poker app you can do multi-level tournaments in resorts anywhere from Atlantic City to Tokyo. If you win tournaments well playing this app you can earn WSOP rings and make your up the scoreboard.

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Have you been searching all over for an app you can actually play with your real life friends? Well, this is it. You are able to play World Series of Poker with your poker buddies just invite them to the same table as you.

Unlike most poker games World Series of Poker allows you to get free coins every 4 hours, which in return allows you to get more poker games in than most apps do. Playing World Series of Poker is like playing real poker in Vegas. In the app you can choose between playing Texas Holdem, Omaha, and much more.

You can also improve your poker game in the World Series of Poker app because it has the most extensive system to track your score in any game out there. Not only can you play this app on your iPad and iPhone, but you can also play it on Facebook.

In World Series of Poker you can play anonymously if you are feeling like shaking things up for a day at the poker table. There is also a slots mini game offered within the app that allows you to play the slots and get chances to earn even more free chips. If you connect your account to Facebook you can get an extra $15,000 worth of chips.

So when looking for a casino mobile UK app keep the World Series of Poker in mind because it will make you feel like you are playing real poker with real friends at real casinos. Also, with the amount of features available within the app you won’t get bored or tired of it like you do with most apps out there.

GameTwist Casino

GameTwist Casino

Super Popular and Powerful

GameTwist is one of the best mobile casino sites in the world. It mirrors the look and feel of a real Vegas casino right on your mobile phone. iTunes users have long enjoyed GameTwist as a home to exciting casino action. The formula for GameTwist is a little different than some mobile casino apps, but it sticks to other time-tested methods of drawing in new gamers, such as huge bonuses for signing up and playing more often and better perks when you play with friends.

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RPG-like leveling: RPG gamers will tell you that there’s nothing quite like the feeling of going from one level to a higher level. It seems so odd to say that that’s the addictive part of the RPG experience but in many cases it is. Leveling is a big deal. GameTwist uses this same formula to inspire gamers to keep doing their best at these casino classics. You can level up and get access to even better slots.

Frequent updates: No one wants to play an abandoned game. GameTwist is anything but abandoned by its developers. There is new content and features added constantly to keep the games exciting and fresh.

Account or guest play: You have the option of playing as a guest, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you can log in with Facebook and see how your friends are doing at their own casino games. It’s a simple way to hook up with fellow gamers and get more enjoyment from these games. There’s another reason people do this. You get free credits.

Accessibility: This game can be accessed on your mobile device meaning that you are always just a click away from opening up your own authentic casino experience. Use it during long lines when you’re bored or hang out at home for a relaxing evening of slots.

The payouts on GameTwist are noted as being among the highest in the mobile casino business, so it’s always rewarding to play with this app. Big payouts mean there’s always a sense of accomplishment for dedicated play.

Hit it RichHit it Rich!

Celebrity Themed Slots

A free app for IPhone and IPad is Hit It Rich. The app is designed for IOS 6 or higher to play with an internet connection. The casino online games are combined with T.V. show characters and slots wrapped into each individual game. There are many slot machine games to choose from. Try your luck with Duck Dynasty slots, Sex in the City, The Wizard of Oz, and Terminator. These fun filled games offer the fun of playing your favorite shows with the feel of a real casino environment. The games offer unique graphics to fulfill the reality of each play while setting at home.

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The app can be played on Facebook or downloaded on your mobile device. There games are made for seven different languages and players all across the world can play for free anytime. The never ending winnings of bonus prizes, jackpots and slot earnings really add up with each game played. The slot games that offer more great fun included in this app are Evil Dead 2, Downtown Abby, Beetle Bailey, Bridesmaids, Elvira, Betty Page, Big Buck Hunter, and Hagar the Horrible.

No need to run out of coins when each player receives 30,000 coins to start with. Increase your coin potential with prizes, bonuses, and jackpots. When players join with Facebook they can invite friends to join in the fun and send them prizes, coins, and gifts. The slot games offer the feel, effects, and sound of Vegas with your favorite iconic shows to play. There is never a dull moment with this much fun and winning potential.

The games are updated on a regular basis to give players the full potential of each game. All adults are welcome to try their luck and win big with these realistic Vegas design, and atmosphere. The thrill of each win will entice players to try their luck at many other slot machine games. Try the top online slots and invite friends for intense game playing competition.



Slots at the App Store Have Been Enhanced

Slot games have evolved amazingly over the decades. The classic slot machine of yesteryear now comes in online and mobile versions. One popular way to play online slots is through downloading and installing the “Slots” by Storm8 Studios app. The app is available for Apple iOS compatible systems and should provide a great deal of entertainment for those who like to play slots for fun and enjoyment. “Slots” provides a mix of the traditional feel of a slot game with enough innovations that the game stands out. Players who want to try something new in a slot game system are going to be thrilled with what this app presents.

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The slot game is designed to reproduce a host of the top slot games in all the Las Vegas casinos. A host of familiar images appear on the screen and long-time players of slots (virtual and otherwise) will feel comfortable at home playing the app.

The current incarnation of the game is dubbed “Version 1.7.3” and there are improvements integrated into the platform. Enhancements in performance are among them. Previous versions did have some minor bugs associated with them. Very few gaming apps are totally bug free 100% of the time so “Slots” having bug issues should be expected. The previous bugs that troubled some players have been fixed so new sessions with the app should be free of “buggy” problems.

One of the intriguing benefits to the new game is it offers more casino free spins. Added free spins means players can play a lot more which, in turn, means they can have added fun time added to their gaming sessions. Again, the new version is an intriguing improvement over previous versions. The change is not all that dramatic from the earlier versions either. The good points and positives still remain. The animation and graphic design on the screen are two examples of solid positives. The gold colors of the coins, for example, reveal a great deal of work that went into creating visual brilliance.

Platinum Play

Platinum Play Casino

Platinum Play Casino is Like a Real Money Casino

When looking for a new casino online game there are many. It is hard to find one that leaves you with a lot of features to enjoy though. Luckily for you, you can download the Platinum Play Casino app in the Apple App Store and play casino games from the enjoyment of your own home with the experience of a real casino.

Platinum Play Casino is compatible with iPhone and iPad. It is designed to be a real money casino game that is confined to the comfort of your home and the palm of your hand. There are many new video slots to play, including Dragons Myth, Kings of Cash, and Party Island.

More about Platinum Play

Along with new video slots there is also progressive slots, table games, and video poker. If you have Platinum Play there are many bonuses available to you. Some bonuses available to you include up to $100 free after you make two Deposits. You can also play the largest jackpots in the App Store. Also, there is a 24 hour call support team to help you resolve any issues or questions you may have. The call support team is available for many different languages.

If you are interested in playing progressive slots you can play Mega Moolah, Cash Splash, Major Millions, and Treasure Nile. However, if you would rather play a game of video poker then you can choose from Jacks or Better, Double Double Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild. Say you’d rather skip poker and progressive slots? There are also table games such as European Roulette Gold and European Blackjack Gold tables.

When looking for a new casino online game you should really keep Platinum Play Mobile Casino app in mind because it has many different games to play that will be sure to fill your free time up. Platinum Play Mobile Casino gives you the experience of a real money casino in the convenience of your mobile device. So even if you’re out and about, you can have the experience of being in a real money casino.

Slots Casino

Slots Casino

Big Time Casino Gaming

Slots Casino, brings Vegas gaming right to the device, twenty four hours a day even play in pajamas. There is no need to hop a plane as the Casino comes right to the user no matter where they are. It is an exciting free slot machine just as good as any brick and mortar casino. Yet better, hours of endless fun without losing the entire bank account. There is even offline gaming ability, so no wires are needed to play. Free spins casino is a blast. Win the bonus and get 50 spins.

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This is one action packed fast moving game. The anticipation builds up with every spin. The game displays the amount of tokens at the top. It offers all kinds of bonus opportunities and watch for the wild because, crazy things can happen when it is hit. It has a wonderful Egyptian theme to add to the excitement. Match 3 king tuts and just watch what happens next. This is great entertainment for anyone over the age of 12. It will provide every player with massive amounts of fun and hours of joy. One of the best features are the different combinations that can be wagered.

If gambling is the passion open slots casino for all the action. There is no limit to how many tokens can be earned. The casino loves to provide players with bonus coins and they arrive every 60 minutes. This is one of the best casino game apps on the market today as is ranked as number one and is considered a favorite game by many. The game is filled with free spins casino fun that will entertain for a very long time. This app can be found at the iTunes store online.

All it requires is iOS 4.3 and it works on: iPod, iPhone or iPad. It works great with the 5 as well. The game comes in either Chinese or English. It is made by Yuan Li and takes up just a small amount of space, 60.9 mb. They also have great support from Topgame. This is a winning application.

S&H Casino

S&H Casino

Play Against Your Friends

A free online casino app that has many games to choose from is S&H Casino. The app can be downloaded and played on IPhone and IPad with an IOS 5 and higher. The app offers slot machine games, roulette, and blackjack. The app give players a chance to win prizes, bonuses, and has quick and secure payments. The online casino is structured to let players have opponents across the globe. The games are user friendly with a range of designs for players enjoy. The realistic features give players a real casino feel without the need to travel.

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More about S&H Casino

The app offers a variety of fun casino games including video poker, and bonus games when playing Premium Slots. Over a dozen simple slots with great graphics that make the games appealing to all users. Many card games are available including blackjack, and casino wars. Free Casino app is updated regularly and will continue to add new games and features for players to enjoy that will continue to grow their gaming experience.

Players have numerous options of gaming choices, and the option to invite friends to play with them. If you want to play an infamous game with friends then this is the app for you. Whether you’re an avid casino player or just starring out; there is fun for everyone of all levels. All players need is the appropriate apple device with the up to date operating system and internet connection to start winning today. It takes just a few simple steps to start the journey of online casino gambling with a twist.

The chips a player can win playing the games is limitless. The more experience a player has the higher levels they can achieve. The bonuses add to the player’s score which can increase stats and higher ranking of scores. Adults who download the app and play the variety of games will have the resources to advance in a safe virtual atmosphere. Download the app today and experience the exhilarating winning achievement.

Gold Fish Casino

Gold Fish Casino

Go Fishing for Gold in this Mobile Casino

Gold Fish Casino is the highest rated mobile free spin casino developed by SG Interactive. Players have two options to sign up before they can begin playing slots on this particular application. Users can either sign up using their Facebook account (which enables players the ability to save their progress and play on multiple devices). However, if you choose to play as a guest then all you need to do is click the “play now” button. You also might want to take note that special bonuses and free spins are offered to players who register using their associated social media accounts.

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More about Gold Fish Casino

If you enjoy, or always wanted to enjoy playing the slots in Las Vegas then you’ll get a kick out of the fact that these are virtual versions of the exact same machines found in Las Vegas casinos and resorts. Every feature is similar from the bonuses to the payout structure. Players will start with a total of 1,000 coins in their account. Although it may not seem like much, rest assured that the maximum bets average between 30-150 like most popular slot machines. Based on previous player ratings this slot app is highly regarded for its realistic comparison to actual slot machines.

The design, symbols, sound effects, and background music are all of very high quality which make the games so much more enjoyable. In the event a player runs out of chips to play with, chips can be purchased by clicking on the “get coins” bar at the top of your screen. You may also want to keep in mind that this free spin casino also rewards you with free coins every 4 hours on the dot. You can also increase your bankroll by participating in daily slot tournaments that are free to enter. If you’re the type of player who wants that realistic slot machine in your hands then you need to download and install this application by visiting your apple app store. With a vast array of different slot machine games it is certain that you will not find yourself easily bored in this casino.

Winner Casino

Winner Casino

Cashout Big in This Internet Casino

If you’ve landed on this page it’s because you’re an active online gambler looking for the best internet casino to invest your time and money in. Winner casino brings you a mobile application designed for real money players to join and win real cash anywhere you have an internet connection on your mobile phone. Normally, players would play on an internet casino through PC or MAC, but now you can download and install a virtual casino directly to any smartphone device that has the apple store installed.

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More about Mega Poker Texas Hold Em

At first glance you might be wondering what differentiates this online casino from others, but once you get started you’ll notice a significant difference between Winner Casino and its competitors. Winner Casino offers its players a multitude of games ranging from slot machines to the world’s most popular table games including; blackjack, craps, roulette, and more. This casino is great for players who wish to deposit using various methods, and for players who wish to wager small or large amounts.

The sleek design of this application will make players feel comfortable playing because it gives a rather strong feeling of being in an actual gaming environment. This casino app is great for first time real money players or for the avid gambler. Not even a novice would feel out of place because there is a very capable tutorial for newbies, and that goes without mentioning the fact that the user interface is extremely simple to become adapted to. All you have to do is look at the high regard users have noted the app to possess through application ratings in your mobile app store.

Don’t waste time searching for another real money mobile casino to play on when you have a more than sufficient app at your disposal now. It’s time you boost your bankroll today by joining all the winners at Winner Casino who are raking in stacks of real, spendable cash as you read this article. Don’t forget to connect with the apps desktop application for even more games and exciting features. What are you waiting for? Go Make some money!

Slots Tycoon

Slots Tycoon

HD Mobile Casino Gaming

Want to become a huge slots tycoon? Try your luck at one of the most extraordinary online casino games in the world. With its bonus games, and huge jackpots there is no way you can’t win yourself a good time here at Slots Tycoon.

When it comes to Slots Tycoon and its platform, players can expect HD machines that give off a Vegas style feel. This app can easily be installed on your iPad or iPhone. This finely crafted slots machine game offers a mix of high roller and retro style themes. With the engaging sounds and smooth play backs, players can enjoy their atmosphere during their game play. This free casino slots game is one of a kind and it shows.

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More about Slots Tycoon

There are many games at Slots Tycoon that one might think that it is the mother of all casinos. The choices are almost unlimited and they offer so many different bonuses that it will be hard for you to not have fun.

The Brass Ring: A carousel slot machine that has huge bonus wins and a carnival feel

Lucky Diner: This drive in burger, retro type slot machine has bonus games to live for. It’s straight out of the 50s and it takes you back to the good old days when things were simple and laid back.

Dragon’s New Year: This Chinese celebration game focuses on the Chinese New Year with coin breathing dragons and Fireworks.

Moonlight Masquerade: Listen to music from the 18th century masquerade ball, but avoid running into the death mask.

Tropical Bounty: Rack up coins and search for cute red crab while relaxing on an island of paradise.

High definition music, art, and bonus games that will keep your attention

Great payouts with loose machines, and the some of the best jackpots. Mix lines available.

Wild slots on every single machine

You can send gifts to friends whenever you level up or win big

Get free coins from lobby bonuses- the higher you are in levels, the higher your bonus

Get free coins in the game store by completing offers and or watching videos.

Keep an eye out for best new machine updates

Get continuous spins just by holding the slot button down

Slots Tycoon is a definite must play for people who enjoy getting free casino spins. If you want to beat every bonus game, or unlock all the different slot machines at Slots Tycoon then have fun at one of the hottest online casino spots on the web.

Lets Vegas Slots

Let’s Vegas Slots

Vegas Excitement From Home

Let’s face it, there are millions of people who leave home just to go to Las Vegas to gamble. If you are one of those people who enjoy Las Vegas more than you enjoy life itself, then it might be time that you try the Let’s Vegas Slots. These slots are one of a kind and they offer some serious playing time. Let’s Vegas Slots is like having Las Vegas in your back pocket. The high quality graphics, and great sound is just one reason why Let’s Vegas Slots is considered a great substitute for Las Vegas.

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More about Mega Poker Texas Hold Em

If you can’t seem to get to LV more than once every couple of years, Let’s Vegas Slots might be able to take care of your fix. You can join for absolutely FREE, and there is no sign up required. Access Let’s Vegas Slots with just a few clicks by using your Facebook account. Not only can you use your Facebook account to access this online casino app, you can invite your friends to the same room you are in and have even more fun.

When it comes to casino app features it’s important that you get what it is you want. Let’s Vegas Slots does just that. They not only give you a stunning place to gamble, they offer daily free coins, and lots of slot machines for you to choose from. There is a wide variety of amazing bonuses and themes, and your friends can play at the same table in the same room. This app is updated at least once a month, giving players something to look forward to.

Colorful and full of spectacular design, this app was made to put you in a trance during your playing time. There are tons of different slots to choose from, and there is no way you can ever get bored. Take advantage of the perks that come along with playing Let’s Vegas Slots, like welcome bonuses, Free spins and the ability to use free casino money.

Don’t let this mobile Las Vegas get away from you. If you enjoy spending time in the Las Vegas Casinos, then you will love spending a couple hours playing at Let’s Vegas Slots.

Slots in Wonderland

Slots in Wonderland

Hours of Entertainment

Slots in Wonderland is a new entertaining game that provides hours of excitement. Sources estimate that thousands of people are downloading this game app daily. It is the perfect choice for people who are looking for free slots 2015. You can enjoy the real excitement of playing a slots game on your cellular phone without putting your money at risk.

Slots in Wonderland features several popular theme stories. Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and many other classic story lines are showcased. Choose a game with a story line that suits your interest or appeal. The featured story lines are supported by exceptional graphics. It is very difficult to find a slots game app that provides the game play and graphics found in Slots in Wonderland.

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More about Slots in Wonderland

A wider variety of mini games have been added to this new version of Slots in Wonderland. The mini games give players an opportunity to play unique games that offer pure entertainment. The mini games are fun and very easy to play.

Many slots game apps are very difficult to play. This can make it extremely frustrating for anyone interested in playing a slots game for fun in their spare time. The playing concept of Slots in Wonderland can be mastered in moments.

The app’s designer was interested in creating a game that offers unique features that cannot be found in other slots game apps. This is the main reason why the Wonder Spin is in the game. The Wonder Spin is a fantastic feature that makes this game stands out in the app marketplace. Taking advantage of the Wonder Spin can give you a chance to power-up to the next level. Getting to the next level can help you get an incredible virtual payout.

There are many slots game apps in the marketplace. This makes it difficult for slots game lovers to find an app that provides all the excitement that can be found in a casino. Slots in Wonderland is one game that delivers a big punch. It is easy to play and it gives players an opportunity to get incredible virtual payouts.

Slots Bonanza

Slots Bonanza

Play Anywhere!

Slots Bonanza, is the hottest casino application out today. It is a game so popular that millions of players are talking about it worldwide. This game was made to entertain and impress. The graphics are a highlight with an abandoned haunted house and Zach the zombie at the property ready to guide players through. There are spooky bonuses and the game is so entertaining hours will go by in the blink of an eye.

This gambling excursion makes adrenaline pump as the sound effects have every player anticipating a jackpot right before their very eyes. This is an awesome all slots casino with a unique edition of video poker that will have players cheering for a straight flush. If one machine is not hot, slide over to the next as there are over 70 different slot machines to make a new choice every couple minutes.

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More about Slots Bonanza

Once the game is on the device, play it anywhere, even in the middle of nowhere. It has great music and plenty of appeal especially since it offers progressive slots where a win can buy a small island. The more a player spins the more exciting rewards come in the way of bonuses. Super exciting bonuses that arrive daily and every 60 minutes. This game is awesome with fun twists and turns around every corner. Win gems, bonuses and other prizes to exciting to mention, download this awesome app and check it out.

This game is for adults 21 and over. It can easily fit onto the players preferred device as it only requires 99.2 mb of space. It comes in 16 different languages so when visiting family in Germany be sure to show them how fun it is. It works only with iOS 6.0 or newer systems. The game comes with world class customer support if it is needed. The game can also be found when on Facebook, check it out for awesome promotions. The game is continuously coming up with new and better versions all the time with the next one even better than the last. All slots casino will have players entertained for hours and winning big!

Big Win Slots

Big Win Slots

Become a Gaming VIP

Big Win Slots is an Apple iOS application that can be downloaded from the iTunes marketplace. It requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The game was first available in 2013 and has been downloaded by more than 40 thousand people. It is still being updated, with the last update on Oct 21, 2015. Big Win Slots is free to play but like many free games players have the option to buy items from the in-app store. It has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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More about Big Win Slots

Big Win Slots features an authentic Las Vegas theme and plays like a regular three or five slot machine. It features common symbols including diamonds, cherries, money and hearts. Graphics are in HD and users can play slots online with their friends or through single player. Coins, which are used as the in-game currency, can be won by betting and winning each pull of the slot machine’s lever. The more the user bets the more they are likely to win. Winning will raise the player’s status within the leader boards.

Even though the chance of winning in Big Win Slots is around 30% there are other ways players can earn coins. Every four hours players can redeem fee coins and extra spins. Spins and coins can also be redeemed though Facebook, every time the user levels up, by watching sponsored videos or by gifting items to friends. By using all of these freebies players should have no trouble having enough coins to continue betting on Big Win Slots.

Big Win Slots offers a VIP status to any player that purchases it. Being a VIP member increases the number of coins and spins a player earns an hours and unlocks exclusive machines with varying themes including medieval, pirate, and Arabian and Norse gods. These themes are changed weekly to offer VIP members new slots to play. The more the user plays, the more coins and spins they are able to redeem. Becoming a VIP member is a onetime payment that unlocks everything listed above for as long as the player owns the game.

Jackpot Joy

Jackpot Joy

Popular Online Casino App

Barbara Windsor is giving online gamblers a new place to showcase their love for online casinos. Jackpot Joy has a platform that cannot be denied. Its overall impressive bingo brand displays Queen and her two loyal subjects, Joy and Jack. These two take you through the entire site and shows you exactly what they have to offer when it comes to being a bingo player on Jackpot Joy.

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More about Jackpot Joy

The online casino is easy to use, and everything is laid out in clearly. Navigation is easy to follow and everything you need to find is located on the left hand side of the screen, including your welcome bonus.

When it comes to joining Jackpot Joy, player can take advantage of the quick and easy sign up that requires little effort. Users don’t have to enter any sort of financial information, in turn making sign up super-fast.

Jackpot Joy offers a plethora of games which can be found on the very first page you land on once you sign up. Whether you like Video poker or bingo slots you can enjoy instant wins through your entire play.

When you enter the bingo lobby, you will be presented with a tab that contains menu options for; Slots, Bingo, Casino, and Snap!, Instants and Free. The sub tabs located within the main tabs offer players; Value, Charity, special and all games. These sub tabs will take you to various different rooms.
Jackpot Pluses include lots of different bingo chats rooms where you can talk to people in real time.

When it comes to free bingo games, Jackpot Joy offers free ones every 2 hours with £50 jackpots.

There is a large number of games to choose from making Jackpot Joy one of the best online casinos around.

Jackpot Joy isn’t like any other casino when it comes to giving their players bonuses. The welcome bonus for Jackpot Joy is a 250% cash match offer than will be given when players deposit £10.

Jackpot Joy is one casino that delivers quality graphics, amazing slots, and great slots bonus. It’s easy to use platform can be installed in minutes and can be played from anywhere.



Newly Updated and Better Than Ever

iSlots is back and better than ever. With its new sounds and high graphics arena, players are going to enjoy more than just a few games. iSlots is not just another way to play your favorite slots online, it’s a way to show the world just how big of a roller you are when it comes to your bets. The winner’s ticker is back in full effect for users who want to let everyone know how high of a roller they really are.

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Yes, iSlots has come back with new and innovative features that will leave you wanting more. With the newly designed graphics and sounds, players will feel like they are getting the real deal when it comes to gambling online.

The top five winner ticker is now available for show boaters, and people who just love to see their name in lights. There is nothing like telling others about how lucky you are when it comes to the slots.

iSlots is known to have global highest credits making playing even more of an adventure. Compared to other online casinos, playing at iSlots can be rewarding and absolutely fun.

If you are a true lover of Vegas Slot machines then more than likely you will enjoy playing iSlots. Now you can play anytime and anywhere, due to its ability to fit right in your back pocket. All you have to do is download the app to your phone and you are ready to go.

Players can test their luck and see if they can win the jackpot. All credits earned are saved between games so that players can play whenever it suits them. Racking up those credits can happen fairly quickly, so be ready to redeem them!

It’s hard to deny the fact that iSlots is one of the greatest online casinos in the industry. And when it comes to casino free money, you don’t have to worry about using your own money to have a great time. It’s an easy app to install, and the entire platform is simple to navigate. Let iSlots become your next favorite free gambling app today!

Slot Machine

Slot Machine

Play Slots in This Online Casino Today

Apostek Software has launched Slot Machine: Free Slots & Casino – a mobile application that gives users the opportunity to divulge into some classic online casino pokies. This is the perfect slots application for the recreational slot player who enjoys building a solid bankroll by playing various slot machines while perhaps killing some time while waiting in line at the DMV, considering you can play on this mobile casino on the go using your handheld device; simply download and install it to your phone, iPod or iPad by visiting the app store.

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The very first thing you’ll notice when Slot Machine is launched is the daily bonus page where players get to collect a pretty 500 chip bonus, and this prize doubles on day 2, but quadruples on day 3. While day 4 ensures 25 special gold chips which are used to claim specific in-game rewards. Day 5, 6, and 7 also reward players, but instead of free chips it’s a hidden package that contains a random surprise. After you collect your bonus you’ll be taken to an elegant looking lobby with an upbeat, jazzy musical tune playing in the background. The user interface is quite simple to get the hang of. Your chip collection is located at the bottom to the right of your avatar, the menu button is located at the top left hand corner of the screen, and the store is located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

The store has some really neat purchasing options. Instead of being able to just buy more chips in the event you are to run out, you can also pay a very small fee to remove advertisements, or to unlock your classic 3 reel slot machines. However, going back to the main menu you’ll notice a very wide range of online casino pokies available to play. You have classic slots, video slots, online tournaments against other players around the globe, video poker, and other casino games such as the “Super Spinner” and “Casino War”. What are you waiting for? Join the casino action today and build your bankroll!

Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz

Have a Blast Playing in this Online Casino

This particular online pokies casino is part of the Free Slots Vegas series created by Zynga Inc. and has a theme based on the classic film, Wizard of Oz. If you enjoy playing slot machines and are a fan of The Wizard of Oz then you just might be in for a real treat when you download and install this mobile application to your smart device. This online casino isn’t just a desktop app, but you can connect your Facebook account with the application too. When you connect using your social media details you will earn an automatic bonus of 3 million coins, which is a massive bonus considering the fact that you start with only 1.5 million coins. You also get a lucrative 500,000 coin bonus every 2 hours.

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Don’t believe for a second either that there is only one slot machine you can spend all of your bonus coins on. There are multiple machines based on the Wizard of Oz theme such as; Munchkinland, Yellow Brick Road, and Scarecrow, to name a few of the available slot games. Once a player reaches 20 million credits the VIP World will be unlocked which is also known as the High Roller World. This is where you’ll get the chance to earn the big bucks. But before you get to play like a high roller you’ll need to make your way across the 6 separate worlds. Another exciting perk about this online pokies casino is that as you play more and more you’ll achieve a higher level which will increase your daily and bi-hourly bonus amounts.

Another cool option that the avid slot player might enjoy is the fast play mode in the settings menu. This enables a player to spin the slot reels at a much higher speed – thus decreasing the amount of time it takes to attain a higher level and move through each of the worlds. If you’re familiar at all with what types of mobile casino apps are out there, and what applications Zynga has created, then you’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the highest rated apps created by Zynga.

High 5 Casino

High 5 Casino

Play Free Slots on Your Mobile Smartphone

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas then you know how fun a casino atmosphere can be, and how exciting it is to win on a slot machine. If you’ve never been to Las Vegas don’t worry you’ll get to experience the thrill of a casino from the comfort and convenience of your very own handheld device by playing free slots on High 5 Casino Free Vegas Slots – a thrilling free bonus casino available for download in your apple app store right now.

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After downloading and installing the application you’ll be presented with 3 different options before you can begin playing. Your first option is to connect your Facebook account. Your second option is to sign up using an email address, and finally the last available option is for users to play as a guest. However, it is worth mentioning that players who play as a guest will not receive a complimentary free 25,000 coin bonus like a player who uses Facebook or email would. It’s also important to remember that once the application is deleted from your device you will lose all game progress considering you had no account linked to save your progress. So perhaps you may consider joining via social media or email.

Once you’ve signed into your account or joined as a guest you’ll be taken to the main menu where you’ll be presented with our daily free gift. You’ll also receive 8 free spins as a bonus on the menu slot machine you’d see at your left. These free spins are awarded daily and give you the opportunity to unlock different slot machine games that you can play on. You’ll also notice near the top right hand corner a blue bar that says “Tournaments”. By clicking this button you’ll be taken to a special area of the game that allows you to participate in worldwide tournaments that awards top prizes of up to 87.5 million coins. Additionally you’ll be able to view your previous rankings in prior tournaments. So what are you waiting for? Go get into the action and get a feel for this magnificent free bonus casino.

Casino Tower

Casino Tower

Fun Gameplay and Big Bonuses

Bonus game variety isn’t a huge selling point on casino apps, but Casino Tower isn’t your typical casino game. It makes bonus games as big as regular games and adds to your total earnings in a hurry. A little extra fun never hurt anyone and Casino Tower developers know this. They’re always throwing surprises to their players. The app is on iTunes and has gained a solid reputation thanks to stellar graphics, realistic casino sounds, and extra perks on bonus games. That’s not all there is to love about this popular casino app.

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More about Casino Tower

– New content: Nobody likes a casino game that grows stale. Casino Tower combats this frequent problem with casino apps by making sure that they supply a steady array of new games and unique bonuses.

It’s a jackpot: Payouts are hefty and frequent compared to most other casino games. You’ll love the feeling of winning on this app. They might make you work for it but the payouts are fair and square.

Progress is perfection: Casino Tower is one of those rare casino apps that knows how to make it fun to keep playing. You never feel like you’re grinding but you will be able to level up and unlock new content. You’re rewarded for your loyalty and that means a lot.

Play offline: Offline play is available. For people that don’t like the social aspect of games, this is a huge plus and a good reason to opt for Casino Tower slot machines over other games that make you play along with friends even when you might not feel like it.

Real money isn’t at play in Casino Tower, so there’s no risk involved by downloading and giving it a shot. People who prefer to play for real money can still enjoy this nifty app as a pleasant, no-risk diversion when you just crave the action of casino games without all the pesky risk sometimes involved. You’ll find many new things to do every time you log on and tons of reasons to keep playing and earning special trophies.

Bingo Slots

Bingo Slots

Try Bingo Slots Today

Bingo Slots is a game created by Topgame Global Limited and released in 2014. Since it was published it has only seen a few updates, with the last update occurring on October 24, 2014. It requires iOS 4.3 or later to play and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Bingo slots is available for download through the iTunes marketplace and is free to play but has an in-game store where players can choose to make purchases. This game is available in English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. It has seen a few thousand downloads and has an overall user rating of 2 out of 5.

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More about Bingo Slots

There only seems to be one theme available for the player to use. It has a black background with a blue border. All-important numbers and factors are in gold with rounded edges. The most of the symbols are different numbered and colored pool balls, but a few of them are different character faces, wild symbols, and the five letters of bingo. Despite being called “Bingo Slots” this game has nothing to do with bingo except for collecting the five letters of the word. It does however have many of the basic features of a five reel slots machine.

Players start out with a small amount of coins that can be used to bet in different amounts on the slots. Coins are the in-game currency and can be won though betting or can be bought from the in-game store. There is a win chance of around 25% and higher bets will earn the user more coins if they win. There are small bonus games, mostly collecting items that can also earn the user more rewards. If a bonus challenge is completed the player can chose from four hidden options to win another random prize. Bingo Slots also has a very high chance on giving extra spins to the player, up to 50 extra spins. Users can play by themselves and try and win top rank on the Bingo Slot’s leader boards or they can play Bingo Slots online with friends they have accepted.

Star Spin Slots

Star Spins Slots

Star Spins Slots — Las Vegas on Your Phone

Looking for a free slot machine app on your iPhone?

Your search is over. Star Spins Slots has enough variety to please everyone. Whether you’re looking for an Ancient Egyptian theme, a Paradise theme, or even a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, Star Spins Slots has the game for you.

Like most free slot apps, Star Spins Slots throws you right into the action so you can start earning coins. After your first win, though, you’ll start noticing where Star Spins Slots separates itself from the rest of the pack: you and your Facebook friends can send each other coins! While you can get stuck in a bad losing streak in other slot machine apps, Star Spins Slots lets your friends swoop in and come to the rescue. Then you can return the favor when your friends are in need.

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There won’t be many times you feel stuck in Star Spins Slots, however, because you unlock new stages so quickly. After playing for just a few minutes, you can have 5 different slot machines to choose from. This essentially means you’ll have 5 different ways to try and get some coins.

If the slots just aren’t going your way, Star Spins Slots gives you plenty of other ways to win some coins. For example, you can just watch a short video ad for 2,500 coins. If you get tired of playing as a guest and sign up (through Facebook or with your email), you get close to another 2,000 coins. There are also plenty of badges you can win which track your progress and give you even more coins.

At the end of the day, Star Spins Slots is packed with hours of fun. The graphics might be the best you can find while playing slots, and you’ll soon find your favorite machine to spend time playing with. Whether you’re a slot machine veteran or just dipping your toes into the world of slot apps, Star Spins Slots is your little corner of Las Vegas right on your iPhone.

Pharoah's Way

Pharaoh’s Way

Reliable and Exciting Mobile Gaming

Pharaoh’s Way is a casino app for IPhone, and IPad devices with an IOS of 5 or higher. The app includes slot machine games that can be played from the comfort of home. The games is for gambling fun with the feel of a casino environment in a virtual atmosphere. The game offers many ways to improve winnings by awarding bonuses, and prizes. The graphics for this app are exceptional, and the sound presents the feel of a real casino. The slots casino free games are full of an array of different style selection. There is over 240 winning ways, and contests that players can win bonuses. Some of the games that are offered is 5 reels – 4symbols, 3 reels – 3 symbols, 50 lines, 25 lines, and 10 lines.

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More about Pharaoh’s Way

Multiple features of these types of games are automatic play, Fast reel stop, and individual reel stops. Players can increase their odds by doubling the ratio of winning odds of 75:25, and 50:50. Increase your score the more you play, and coins or credits expand higher with each accurate win. The game is for fun and enjoyment with friends or people around the globe. There is no need to deposit real money because this is a virtual winning app.

Pharaoh’s Way is updated regularly to give the player a productive experience with each game played. This keeps the games running smoothly, and continues the user friendly interface that players rely on. The different games are designed for all types of adult people from beginners to avid players. The games effects and the realistic gambling setting feels like a casino without having to leave and drive to one.

Players can download the app and play with their friends who also have the app. This is an entertaining app that gives players many slot game opportunities to choose from. Download the app and start winning with one of the many gaming choices available for fun.

Titans Way

Titan’s Way

Big Ratings for Good Reason

Titan’s way is an iSO application created by Topgame Global limited in 2013. It has been updated a few times a year since than with its last update on July 22, 2015. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. This game is available in English, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Turkish. Even though it is free to download from the iTunes marketplace there are several in-game power-ups and items players can purchase. Titan’s Way has been downloaded over seventeen thousand times and has a user rating of 4 out of 5.

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More about Titan’s Way

Titan’s Way is a five reel pokie that sports a Greek god theme. Zeus is depicted most of all, but various other gods are shown on the different screens the player can access, each with their own color. The art of the mythical figures is much more detailed than other games. Other than the gods themselves, the graphics are fairly plain with skulls, shields, lightning bolts, helmets and eagles as reel symbols. The reels take up most of the screen with player information being indicated around the borders.

Coins are the in-game currency for Titan’s Way and is used to bet. With the winning chance set around 25% the user has a decent chance to win more coins. Of course the more they bet the more they are able to win. If the player ever runs out of coins they have to choice to wait, since a small amount of coins is given as a reward every hour, or buy some off of the in-game store. There is also a slim chance for the user to win real prizes from Titan’s Way, most of them being gift cards to

Players can enjoy the game though single player and try to carve a spot out for themselves on the leader board, but they can also enjoy these casino pokies online with people from their friend’s list. Internet connection is not required to play via single player and all scores will be synced and updated the next time the user connects to a wifi signal.

Slots Free Casino House of Fun

Slots Free Casino House of Fun

Why Choose Slots Free Casino House of Fun?

Video slots is the name of the game that House of Fun excels at. This wildly entertaining slots casino is available for download from the iTunes store and has made a real name for itself as one of the premier slots games in the whole pack. There’s a diverse array of slots to choose from as well as an active community of players who love to share scores and check out what’s new every day. There’s always something new in the House of Fun.

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More about Slots Free Casino House of Fun

Features and Highlights

Strong community: The House of Fun pack is over a million members strong. It’s a thriving community of slots players who share your enthusiasm for spins, jackpots, and big bonuses.

Bonuses: Speaking of bonuses, there’s no shortage of them in House of Fun. The creators know that what really keeps players coming back is an exciting bonus system, and they’ve gone out of their way to create it.

$1,000 bonus for signing up: Welcome to the House of Fun. Here’s $1,000 to play around with. It’s a great start to a great game.

HD slots and plenty of them: There’s a vast array of slots to play here and they’re all HD quality. You get the best sights and sounds from every single game on House of Fun.

Weekly prizes: Just for logging on, you get the opportunity to grab a lot of fresh bonuses and fun promotions. There’s no commitment required. As long as you play, you’re going to grab a nice bag of bonuses, free coin gifts, and other fun surprises.

House of Fun doesn’t have to be an overly social game, but social players will find a lot to love about this outing. You can connect through Facebook and hook up with friends that play HOF. Explore new games together and share scores. Some people love the social component of the game most of all because it allows them to gain some nice bragging rights over friends, or if you’re not doing so good in a week, it’s an incentive to keep playing to outdo friends.