Raffle Jackpot Drawing Happening at Party Casino

Party Casino players will be glad to know that the next Raffle Jackpot draw is only eleven days away as the next Raffle draw will take place on the 11th day of this month. So far, the Raffle Jackpot has amounted up to 13,931.78 dollars and it is going to keep growing until the draw takes place on the 11th. This Raffle Jackpot represents a great chance for players to win it big as instead of playing at slots hoping to trigger the jackpot, players will know exactly when this jackpot will be paid.

Players who want to get a chance of being named the winner of this Raffle Jackpot will have to place  wagers on Raffle Jackpot slots in order to earn Raffle tickets. Players who wager 0.01 dollars on any of the Raffle Jackpot slot machines will earn one ticket for the draw. This means that players who wager $2 per spin will be able to earn two-hundred raffle tickets in the draw. This shows that players will not have to spend much in order to increase their chances of winning this draw.

When the countdown for the Raffle Jackpot hits zero on the 11th of March at 18:00 CET, the winning tickets will be picked randomly during the live draw. Players can watch this live draw if they go to the Raffle Jackpot Section through the download lobby of Party Casino. So if you haven’t earned any tickets yet, you have eleven days to do so.