Privacy Policy

This document discusses the terms of the Privacy Policy of HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET. Visitors and users who access HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET and view its content or use its services automatically consent to the terms of this document, whether they have read or not. It is their responsibility to read, view and understand all of the terms of the privacy policy.

HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET can remove any of the terms, modify any of the terms and add new terms at any time without having to notify the users or ask for their permission. HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET is also not obligated to tell the users about the changes, it is the users’ responsibility to check for any updates in the HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET’s privacy policy.

HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET will not allow any third party or external websites to access the personal information and private data that the users have provided to the website. This data will only be shared and accessed by affiliates and partners of HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET in order to provide users with the technical support they need as well as delivering the products that they have purchased through HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET.

The information that will be asked by players includes their first and last name, their billing address, their physical address, their email, their credit card info and banking details, among other information. This information has to be given to the website by the user willingly and voluntarily, as HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET will never accept gathering info without the consent and the knowledge of users. HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET will gather data through various means including registration forms that the users will have to fill before creating an account or using a service.

Users will be able to add and publish content on HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET but if any of this content is found to be abusive or harmful to other users, HTTP://CASINOAPPS.NET retains the right of removing the content without notifying users.