German Casino Apps

Casino Apps Casino GamesSchleswig-Holstein the German state is caught in a very hard situation as the new govt. that is in power now is trying to cancel the flexible and liberal laws that are concerned with internet gambling and casino apps. These laws were passed by the former govt.

They plan to join the state with the rest of the German states that have a tighter regime and laws. The govt. is unable to achieve that because this would cause so much legal troubles for the new govt.

The situation is a complete mess and it is filled with confusion and this is why the statement that was made by the government to the media by a representative was filled with confusion and was not clear.

The threats and actions by the new govt. that were aiming to cancel the previous liberal laws and regulations have been abandoned and a more practical method is to be implemented. 7 different internet sport wagering companies have earned the needed licensed according to the liberal laws and regulations.

These companies made it clear that if the govt. tampers or carries out any actions that would breach the terms and conditions of their licenses that they would take it to the court of law.

According to the current law, the state of Schleswig-Holstein is obligated to issue more licenses to the applicants who are waiting in line for their licenses. These applicants have the right to go to court if they do not get their licenses.